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P&ID annotation for eLogbook

Posted on 08 February 2022

P&ID annotation for eLogbook

The eLogbook team at Elisian have added P&ID annotation capability to their digital joint management module JIMS.

P&ID’s, or piping and instrumentation diagrams, provide engineers in the energy and manufacturing sectors with a wealth of information on components like pressure vessels, columns, tanks, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, wellheads, fans, and cooling towers. As such they are a vital part of shutdown projects or the maintaining of safety and regulatory requirements.

Elisian Managing Director Ian Elcoat commented:

“eLogbook has always included the functionality to allow staff to digitally develop general critical equipment diagrams using ISA standard symbols and connectors, and for some time we have included a robust digital solution to manage the tagging of joints.

Giving our users the ability to import P&ID drawings and annotate them digitally, using the P&ID itself as an interface, makes eLogbook a comprehensive end to end solution of obvious value during a project or as part of day-to-day operation.”

Customer Manager Chris Oram added:

“Adding P&ID annotation and the P&ID interface to the rest of the eLogbook tool-set is great news and is something we will be presenting to customers over the weeks ahead.

How the functionality will be used in conjunction with the eLogbook joint management and critical equipment manager tools will be fascinating”

If you want to learn more about eLogbook or would like to attend any of the forthcoming webinars, please contact christian.oram@elisian.co.uk