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Nexans power cable accessories & The Innovation JTS joint for medium voltage cable

Posted on 11 February 2022

Nexans power cable accessories & The Innovation JTS joint for medium voltage cable


Improved Reliability & Safety at Reduced Cost

Nexans Power Cable Accessories is the UK’s leading cable and accessories company that has recently announced the launch of a new innovative product range that will ensure safer, easier and time efficient installations.

With their UK base in Castleford Nexans Power Cable Accessories has launched the new JTS Heat Shrinkable MV Joints range which boasts unique design features developed to reduce installation time, minimize risk of failure and simplify installation.

Launched at ENERGYX2021 event in Chester, the new JTS Heat Shrinkable Joints Range feature a range of design innovations that will deliver cleaner, quicker and simpler jointing installations.  These features include:

  • Innovative triple wall technology where three inner tubes have been extruded as one, and as such, requiring only one heat shrinking activity instead of three
  • The use of this triple wall tube meaning the chance of misalignment is reduced by a factor of 3 to 1 and;
  • The inclusion of a revolutionary integrated faraday cage section within the connectors mastic patch minimizes misalignment in critical areas.


Speaking about the new product range Joe Roberts, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Nexans Power Cable Accessories UK said: “We are delighted to be launching this product range to market and with what we consider to be some of the most innovative technology available to date”.

“As a business we pride ourselves on pioneering new ways of working and new technologies that ultimately make cable installations slicker, quicker and easier whilst consistently delivering products that meet the very highest standards of health and safety.  We are immensely proud of our new JTS Heat Shrinkable Joints range and are very much looking forward to launching it, not only at ENERGYX, but over the coming months as we introduce these products to the marketplace.”

Alongside the range of unique design innovations, the new MV Cable Joint JTS Heat Shrinkable Joints Range also offers a host of additional installation benefits designed to speed up, simplify and improve safety across the install process.  These include:

  • A compact, slim design with sizes ranging from 95mm² to 1000mm²
  • Market leading insulating properties for safer installations
  • Advanced screen connection and armour continuity for maximum control of fault currents
  • Thick walled outer tubing for high mechanical strength and impact resistance
  • Resistance to water penetration & chemical aggression
  • Stabilized UV protection for external longevity
  • Halogen free material content with outer LSOH jacket for safer use in enclosed spaces
  • Fitting single core and three core MV cables up to 42kV
  • Quick and Easy to install – saving labour time, with no additional retraining required
  • Excellent Insulating Properties – for safer installations
  • Plus Premium Technical Support from our UK based technical staff


After engaging with Europe’s major MV installation companies to find out their thoughts on how to improve standard MV heat shrink cable joints. The main features were found to be – reduce the installation time, minimise the failure risks and simplify the installation.


This was achieved by the innovative design featuring “triple wall” technology, where the three inner tubes for semi conductive conductor screen, insulation, and semi conductive insulation screen have been extruded into one simple triple wall tube. This requires only one heat shrinking activity instead of the usual three, and the new design of roll on mastic pad to go over the connector eliminates the requirement for additional mastic tapes as in previous designs which can tend to stick to each and become very messy. The new design results in a much quicker and cleaner installation.


By the application of the triple wall extruded tube, this has effectively reduced the problem of misaligning the over tubes by a factor of 3 to 1 and maximizes coverage of the screen cut area – this, together with a new design of roll on mastic patch over the conductor area featuring a revolutionary “Faraday Cage” built in inner semi conductive layer also minimizes potential for misalignment in these critical areas.


By the application of these new and innovative design features, together with improved jointing instructions featuring high resolution images and easy to read step by step text, the whole process of installation has been simplified and no additional jointer training will be required to install the JTS.


Single Tube with Triple Function

The below video shows the Triple Wall design of the JTS Joint reducing installation times with corresponding labour savings.

Traditionally, heat shrink joints required several separate stages for the installation of the complete cable joint with multiple layers of heat shrink tubes needed to provide stress control, insulation and conductive functions – the labour intensive jointing procedure introduced increased risks of jointer error including tube misalignment and flamework deficiencies (scorching of tubes by overheating).


Nexans is a global player in energy transition.  The Group designs solutions and services in these main business areas: Building and Territories, High Voltage Projects, Rail and Mass Transit, Renewables, Data Centres and Industry Solutions.

In the UK, Nexans Power Cable Accessories provides complete solutions including cables, accessories and training services for energy transmission and distribution networks. As the leading European specialised innovator, manufacturer and distributor of low- medium- and high-voltage accessories, as well as connection technology, Nexans Power Cable Accessories has been a leader in pre-assembled cable accessories for over 60 years.

Thorne & Derrick have an International Distribution Agreement with Nexans Power Accessories UK and are their main stockists and suppliers for their range of Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations up to 33kV.

Nexans manufactured Cable Accessories are in extensive service throughout the UK DNO power grid – the Euromold brand of separable connectors are approved and are approved by several DNO/IDNO operators dependent on the product, voltage and network.

The joints and terminations are increasingly preferred and adopted by NERS Accredited Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) working on 11kV private networks.

Nexans MONOi heat shrink cable terminations are a one-piece co-extruded anti-track (red) and stress control tube for connection and terminating 11kV BS7870-4-10 Triplex Cables 95-300sqmm into medium voltage electrical equipment.