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Kenya Market Access Roadshow to UK

Posted on 21 February 2022

Kenya Market Access Roadshow to UK

Dates for the roadshow: 21-25 March 2022
Dates for B2G and B2B forum: 24 March 2022
Location: Manchester
Deadline for expression of interest: 11 March 2022
Points of contact:
Yvonne Dusabe: yvonne.dusabe@fcdo.gov.uk
Fridah Cherono: Fridah.Cherono@fcdo.gov.uk
Njeri Mugo: Njeri.Mugo@fcdo.gov.uk

Who should attend?
• Businesses with a presence in Kenya, that seek to address their concerns on challenges in doing business in Kenya due to prevalent market access issues.
• Businesses that have been deterred from entering the Kenya market due to market access issues.
• Businesses seriously planning to enter the Kenyan market.
• UK businesses interested in identifying areas of collaboration with businesses based Kenya.

The Government of Kenya has been implementing business environment reforms, geared towards improving Kenya’s business environment. It has been addressing hurdles to doing business in the country, not only to make it easier for the private sector to operate, but also to attract both domestic and foreign investments.

The implementation of business climate reforms has been made possible through the Department of Business Reforms and Transformation, within Kenya’s Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development. The Department operates with a local, regional and international mandate to implement impactful private-sector reforms that facilitate private sector investments. A critical part of this mandate is to facilitate dialogue with local and international private sector players, to continuously address hurdles to doing business in Kenya.

This Department, as part of its mandate has proposed a roadshow to the UK dubbed as the Kenya Market Access Roadshow. This roadshow is set to take place from 21-25 March 2022.

The Kenya Market Access Roadshow will serve as a platform for the Kenyan Government to:
• Discuss the reforms implemented over the years to improve the business climate and the ease of doing business.
• Highlight the focus areas for these reforms and business continuity commitments.
• Hold strategic meetings with senior UK Government officials regarding Kenya`s business climate.
• Engage UK businesses and investors on the bottlenecks of doing business in Kenya and get recommendations on areas that require further business reform.
• Provide a B2B match making opportunity for Kenyan and UK businesses interested in jointly exploring areas of collaboration.

The UK's Department for International Trade in conjunction with the Government of Kenya would like to welcome businesses interested in attending a Business-to-Government (B2G) , and thereafter a Business-to-Businesses (B2B) forum with the Kenyan delegation, to register their interest to receive more information.

Official invitation to the B2G and B2B forum in your area -with a confirmed date- shall ONLY be sent to businesses that register interest to attend.

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