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Durham Energy Institute Seminar Series

Posted on 22 February 2022

Durham Energy Institute Seminar Series

Epiphany Term 2021/2022

All seminars will take place on Zoom until further notice

Designing tools for offshore transmission. How do we make robust decisions under severe uncertainty?

24 February 2022, 1-2pm

Dr Henna Bains, DEI Fellow & Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Engineering

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Future offshore wind project installation often requires key planning decisions to be made under severe uncertainty due to limited data. These uncertainties complicate the decision making process. Researchers at Durham University and ORE Catapult have been collaborating on an interdisciplinary project, and in this talk, we will present our recent research in tools for offshore wind planning under severe uncertainty. We will discuss two primary benefits to our developed tool: firstly, we include careful mathematical modelling of physical systems, and secondly, we have developed methods to support better risk-informed decisions. Following a presentation of our work, we will move into a feedback session with the aim of discussing, with input from attendees, how we might enhance and tailor the tool further to better meet the needs of the offshore wind industry.

Henna is a Post Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) in the Department of Engineering at Durham University. Her research focuses on uncertainty handling in offshore wind planning, mainly supporting long-term planning decisions. She holds a PhD and MMath degree from Durham University. Research interests: offshore wind, power transmission and uncertainty quantification.