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Sustainable Video Production in the North East

Posted on 01 August 2022

Sustainable Video Production in the North East

HT Media receives AdGreen training for sustainable video production to contribute to Net Zero targets.

All companies have a responsibility to carry out their work in a sustainable way. For years HT Media have been a leading video production company in the renewable energy sector, which means they’re very familiar with the need to transition to Net Zero. They have recently completed training to discover how they can contribute to these goals in the creative industry, as well as becoming a clean member of the UK supply chain.

AdGreen works with the advertising industry to eliminate the environmental impacts of production. They are also partnered with BAFTA and albert- the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV.

Cal Graham, the Creative Production Manager at HT Media said;

Through AdGreen and albert’s support, we hope to be proactive in working towards the Ad Net Zero goal of achieving real Net Zero in our industry by 2030.

By doing so we hope to remain a valued member of the renewable energy supply chain by creating meaningful video content for companies which helps to achieve their wider goals as we progress towards 2050.

We still have some way to go as a company, and a creative industry, before our goals are achieved. But all of us here at HT are enthusiastic about pursuing real change, and are excited for the future of sustainable video production.”

Find out more about how HT Media is making positive changes to their structure and methods by visiting their blog: https://www.ht-media.com/sustainable-video-production-in-the-north-east/