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Aberdeen – Gadgets and Widgets

Posted on 22 April 2022

Aberdeen – Gadgets and Widgets

Holiday Inn Westhill, Aberdeen

Wednesday 27th April – Registration open from 17:30 | Presentations start at 18:00

Chairmen – Jim Mann and Andrew Connelly

Nigel Robinson, Director Sustainable Energy, Apollo

An update on the PALM QCS, which is a mooring and cable quick connection system for Floating Renewables including the recent testing of Apollo’s Pull and Lock Marine connector, a device that draws on learning from floating production to target reductions in the cost of energy production.

Jeremy Edwards, Sales Manager UK, C-Kore Systems Ltd

Fault Location in subsea electrical cables using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). Learn about the benefits of conducting TDR in the subsea environment from a number of case histories.

Stuart Moir, Engineer, MWNW Consulting

MWNW MOWT, which stands for Mass of Water Turbine is a hydrokinetic turbine that generates power by harnessing the mass (volume) of flowing water, be that a river, a tidal stream or an ocean current.

Ellis McDonald, Technical Sales Manager, Panolin UK Ltd

Why Panolin? Gain an understanding of the technology behind PANOLIN products. Where they can be used and the advantages of high performance and environmentally friendly lubricants.

Asser Awaad, Technical Sales Engineer, Impact Subsea

Following several years of development, Impact Subsea is excited to release its third generation of seaView, which is an easy-to-use software package comprised of multiple applications (Apps) for viewing, logging, calibrating and configuring Impact Subsea sensors.

Richard Knox, Managing Director, Verlume Ltd

Verlume’s ground-breaking Intelligent Energy Management System (IEMS) provides the gateway between clean energy inputs and offshore infrastructure. Being power generation agnostic, the technology can be adapted to suit any renewable energy input and can autonomously manage consistent power delivery to multiple offshore payloads.

Giuseppe Rizzo, Technical Sales Manager, Europe and Africa, Energy Products, Oceaneering

For over 25 years, Oceaneering has supplied Subsea Pipeline Repair Solutions for both diver-assisted and diverless applications around the globe. These Pipeline Repair Connectors are in compliance with DNV RP F113: Pipeline Subsea Repair, October 2018 Edition.

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