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Sandvik Celebrates First Full Reference Order for Sanicro® 35 Super-Austenitic Grade

Posted on 07 September 2021

Sandvik Celebrates First Full Reference Order for Sanicro® 35 Super-Austenitic Grade

Breakthrough alloy will bridge gaps to new opportunities for major Gulf Coast refinery

SANDVIKEN, SWEDEN, September 7, 2021 Sandvik Materials Technology a developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, and other high-performance materials, has received the first full order for its unique Sanicro® 35 grade that bridges the performance gap between stainless steels and higher-cost nickel alloys. 

The order encompasses supplying tubes for two heat exchangers used in a crude unit fractionator at a major refining company in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Previously, the bundles were constructed with hyper duplex stainless steel tubes, however the refinery’s challenging process conditions called for an even higher corrosion resistant alloy. After an extensive evaluation of the corrosion and mechanical properties of Sanicro® 35, as compared to other high cost nickel alloys under consideration, the customer selected this alloy for its high performance and cost alternative offering.

Sanicro® 35 offers exceptionally high strength and corrosion resistance at a wide range of temperatures. It is an alternative to existing duplex and austenitic stainless steel grades and more expensive nickel alloys.

“Sanicro® 35 opens up a wider range of opportunities for Sandvik and our customers. It is an economical alternative to other materials while offering very high corrosion resistance, comparable to traditional metallurgies,” said Karen Picker, Technical Marketing Engineer, Sandvik Materials Technology.

Johan Israelsson, President Business Unit Tube Americas, Sandvik Materials Technology, added: “Our strong, long-standing client relationship meant that when we suggested a new solution to their heat exchanger corrosion challenges, they were prepared to consider it. A short delivery time was also a consideration. Sanicro® 35 is gaining a reputation as a cost alternative option to other steel grades and high nickel alloys.”

Sanicro® 35 is available globally to support your heat exchanger and hydraulic and instrumentation tubing needs. To learn more about Sanicro® 35, visit materials.sandvik/sanicro-35.