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Quick Guide to own your Dust Explosion Safety Assessment – Online Seminar 23/9/21

Posted on 09 September 2021

Quick Guide to own your Dust Explosion Safety Assessment – Online Seminar 23/9/21

Here is a problem: you want to retire at 60 and need enough money in your pension, savings and assets to enable that, how would you go about achieving this goal?

Most people don’t have the knowledge and ability to manage their finances to make an effective plan for themselves, and thus invoke the services of a financial advisor. But here comes another set of problems:

  • What information is important enough to share e.g. do you just talk about your assets, or should you also share your expenditure plans at retirement?
  • How do you know you have received a good service? What questions should you ask and how would you compare?
  • How do you navigate through the technical jargon; most people struggle to understand annualised returns, APRs, annuities, gilts, convertible bonds etc.

The same problem exists for any product and service you want and need and yet is difficult to understand the workings of e.g. repairing your roof and even buying home appliances. You really need to know the basics about your needs, as well as the products and services which are on offer, so that you can make a good match between the two.

So how does this relate to dust explosion hazards? In industries where combustible dusts are handled in bulk e.g. food, pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods, speciality chemicals, paper etc. a serious risk of to life and business are at stake. The main problem is the fire and explosion hazards arising from handling combustible powders.

Being aware is only the start – you really need to have a good understanding since this is an essential part of process safety management. The trouble of course is that it can be quite technical and complicated, and it can be difficult to navigate the landscape for what it is, which is why many organisations tend to get external advisors in to assist.

When looking at process safety suppliers, knowing what questions to ask is crucial but so is probing and challenging the responses received. The health and safety regulators want assurance that the risk and the risk assessment is owned by the company operating the plant, and therefore you need to have a vested interest in the deliverable of your suppliers.  

We have put together a seminar to impart the knowledge we have built to allow organisations to ask the right questions and get the results they need to not only keep people save but to go beyond compliance to save lives and ensure organisational reliability. DEKRA’s half-day online seminar covers topics such as:

  • Obtaining the necessary data for the assessment,
  • An overview of Hazardous Area Classification and the 10 commandments of a good inerting system,
  • Ignition assessments with a focus on electrical/mechanical equipment, and static electricity, and
  • The all-important risk assessment methods and using the right tool for the right job.

The seminar cost €150 and upon completion of the seminar, delegates will receive a voucher for £100 off their first Dust Explosion Safety Assessment order with DEKRA!