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Oliver Hydcovalves ensures reliability at depth for CO2 injection applications

Posted on 02 September 2021

Oliver Hydcovalves ensures reliability at depth for CO2 injection applications

Delivering the technology needed to maintain reliable valve operation at depths up to 3000m below sea level, has been the norm for Oliver ValveTek, just one of the Oliver family of companies, since its formation in 1994.

Historically, ValveTek valves have been extensively used in oil and gas extraction from reservoirs often thousands of meters below the sea bed. However, the need for safe and permanent storage of captured CO2 means that rather than extracting fossil fuels in some of the most arduous conditions on earth, there is now need for the same reliability for CO2 injection into depleted reservoirs or saline aquifers.

Oliver Hydcovalves, formed to focus on green energy and carbon capture applications, now offers the same reliable subsea valve technology, suitable for CO2 sequestration applications on the sea bed. Manufactured using only the highest quality thermoplastic or metal sealing components and wetted parts, ensures compatibility with CO2 and provides reliable operation for decades.

The CO2 range includes Gate valves with manual, hydraulic or half turn actuation, ball valves both floating and trunnion mounted, needle valves in standard, medium or heavy duty configuration, double block and bleed valves up to 2” bore size plus check and relief valves.

Oliver Hydcovalves is dedicated to providing valve technology that supports a more sustainable future for us all. For further information on Oliver Hydcovalves products and applications, please contact Rob Porter at rporter@valves.co.uk or simply call us on +44 (0)1565 632 636.