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Energy supply chain firms ‘poised to meet demands of net zero 2050 drive’

Posted on 27 September 2021

Energy supply chain firms ‘poised to meet demands of net zero 2050 drive’

Energy sector supply chain companies in the North East can 'react positively to changes in industrialisation and adapt' to meet the demands of the net zero 2050 ambition, according to the incoming boss of business organisation NOF.

Joanne Leng was named as chief executive of Durham-based NOF in July 2021 and will take the reins from George Rafferty next year.

She told Insider: "The supply chain of today has lived through shipbuilding, heavy manufacturing, offshore oil and gas and is now leading the way in offshore wind, which is playing a huge role in meeting our decarbonisation goals.

"This structured and dynamic approach to diversification by the supply chain has led to this region being seen as a pioneer in the new energy space."

Leng hailed notable projects such as Dogger Bank Wind Farm, Sofia Offshore Wind Farm and Net Zero Teesside for delivering supply chain opportunities.

"The operators, developers and tier one contractors involved in these projects are committed to working with the local supply chain," she added. "However, the supply chain must be competitive, be innovative, think differently and continue to adapt their own businesses with net zero at the forefront of their minds.

"Expectations on the supply chain are changing; they are becoming more demanding, but if companies take on the net zero challenge the rewards will present, the region will be gifted with a future proofed supply chain with a world leading reputation in energy transition."

She vowed that NOF will continue to provide diversification support, giving members access to project-related opportunities in the region.

"The energy landscape may be changing rapidly, but NOF will remain one step ahead ensuring our members capitalise on new business in the energy transition space," Leng said.

"Simply put, it is all about people and building impactful relationships. NOF connects with key players and project teams; the team then connects the supply chain to the opportunity and makes sure all relevant information about the project is forthcoming including key contractors involved and the procurement timeline.

"At the end of the day, our role in business development gets companies through the door, it is then up to them to make the magic happen and win the contract."

Sourced from: Isider Media Limited