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ALS exports biggest ever slurry system machinery to the USA

Posted on 05 October 2021

ALS exports biggest ever slurry system machinery to the USA

Abnormal Load Services – ALS’ operations team was pleased to organise the transportation of a giant slurry system machine from Italy to the USA by land and sea.

“We were very pleased to support our long standing customer Casagrande with this multimodal shipment as this crane is the biggest ever exported on behalf of our customer and it was necessary to ensure the safest, most cost effective and time critical way to transport the machine” - ALS’ General Manager - Italy.

With over 40 years experience in the movement of abnormal loads, oversized and project cargo ALS’ teams are knowledgeable and experienced in handling complex movements.

Planning for this abnormal load shipment took over 3 months which involved several discussions with the client, ports and highways.

In total the machine weighed over 200Ts and was transported in over 20 pieces.

Images and more on the story can be found below:

Credit for the video to: @andresantis

The largest piece of the machine measured 15.50 metres in length and the main body of the machine measured 3.50 metres wide and 3.50 metres high with a weight of 50 tons.

It’s journey involved road transportation from Italy to Belgium where it was loaded on to ALS’ parent company - Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s roro vessel to the USA. This took around 30 days from collection in Italy to delivery to final destination in the USA.

Casagrande was extremely happy with the care and precision of the team involved in this movement.

The crane was delivery safely and on time.

Scope of service:

  • Sea Transport
  • Offloading at port
  • Oncarriage to DAP Working Site
  • Route planning
  • Documentation
  • Permits
  • ALS personnel on site at loading and representative at offloading

“Every single cargo is precious to us”

For more information: info@als-europe.com