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IoT and Sustainability What Role Does IoT Play in Protecting the Environment?

Posted on 03 November 2021

IoT and Sustainability What Role Does IoT Play in Protecting the Environment?

The undeniable power of IoT has inspired many industries to adopt this advanced technology. Unfortunately, not all facets of society have embraced these modern developments, leaving the potential of IoT untapped. However, hope is on the horizon. Regarding climate change and preserving the environment, IoT has the power to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

What Role Does IoT Play In Protecting the Environment?

Industrial IoT has taken the world by storm, and this intelligent technology is only growing by leaps and bounds. With the implementation of smart solutions, IoT can add substantial economic value to the global economy. After all, we’ve already seen the promising role that IoT plays in generating commercial profit.

What’s more, IoT facilitates environmental projects, allowing companies to follow through on eco-friendly policies, changes, and solutions. On a larger scale, IoT can combat global poverty, fight climate change, and provide clean water. These objectives are a part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which is a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable future. With that said, IoT can help bring long-lived aspirations to fruition.

How IoT Impacts Energy Efficiency

Thanks to sensors, algorithms, and communication networks, creating and distributing energy is a breeze. Without IoT, these devices wouldn’t exist, making advanced technology a crucial component in our environment’s overall health. With automation features, we can expect to see more improvements in the way we consume and share energy. For instance, with IoT, we can anticipate electricity demands months in advance.

Having this insight allows a city to harness energy efficiently. In essence, accurate projections reduce the risk of wasting natural resources. Best of all, being privy to this information bodes well for savvy spending. Above all else, practical energy consumption can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, in turn, improve air quality.

How IoT Impacts Precision Agriculture

On the agricultural front, IoT is making satellite farming more of a reality. Also known as precision agriculture, this farming management concept puts a premium on functionality. As a result, farmers waste less and produce more. From monitoring crops to tracking soil conditions, IoT can help in more ways than one.

Irrigation is another area that can benefit from IoT. Since agriculture accounts for 90 percent of global water consumption, it’s essential to optimize water intake. Otherwise, agricultural irrigation can lead to water scarcity. Using data provided by IoT platforms, farmers can gauge how much water they’re consuming and make any necessary adjustments.

How IoT Impacts Water Use

While water is heavily used in agricultural settings, it’s also an essential element in commercial and industrial industries. With IoT technologies, sensors can collect pertinent information and make informed decisions using this data. For example, if more clean water is needed to keep a factory operating, an IoT device will let you know.

Similarly, IoT appliances can tell you what’s causing water shortages. Moreover, ground humidity sensors can pinpoint what areas need more water. In other words, rather than expend water by spraying your entire lawn, you can focus solely on the problem areas. Simply put, IoT breathes simplicity into conserving water.

How IoT Supports Future Sustainability

While IoT isn’t without its flaws, there’s much to be said about the efficacy of intelligent technology. Currently, 75 percent of IoT projects are working towards clean energy and responsible consumption. These developments provide hope that there’s a brighter tomorrow. Fortunately, IoT has transcended several borders, allowing less fortunate countries to reap the benefits of present-day solutions.

Colombia, for instance, is leading an agricultural irrigation project with assistance from IoT appliances. According to the director of this initiative, IoT will help lower costs and “promote sustainability on a large scale.” Most importantly, Colombia hopes that the success of this project will “demystify IoT technology.” With this undertaking well in the works, Colombia will soon prove that IoT can help encourage future sustainability.

Inspiring Change One IoT Platform At A Time

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