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NECIT Services says reform of offshore wind subsidies will generate investment and create extra supply chain jobs

Posted on 12 May 2021

NECIT Services says reform of offshore wind subsidies will generate investment and create extra supply chain jobs

NECIT Services has welcomed the government’s decision to tighten up subsidy rules surrounding offshore wind projects – saying it will generate huge economic benefits to the country and the supply chain.

The Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has warned offshore wind farm developers that they will lose subsidy contracts unless they fulfil pledges to use the British supply chain.

The company, which provides bespoke inspection, auditing and expediting services, to the renewables sector, say the reforms will result in extra jobs and investment and confirm the UK as a world leader in offshore wind technology.”

Peter Lyons, NECIT Services’ technical and business development director, said: “The UK has a strong and growing offshore supply chain previously held back by the fact many of the components used in the construction of wind turbines are imported.

“Whilst everyone associates the supply chain with manufacturing, there is a huge array of supporting services, such as inspection auditing and expediting, that play a vital role in the development and operation of this country’s clean energy industry.

“Tightening up the rules surrounding subsidy contracts will ensure the UK supply chain benefits from the current surge in major offshore wind projects.”

Wind farm developers must submit supply chain plans to be considered for subsidy contracts, but under the new BEIS rules, companies will have to set out how they will build “competitiveness, capability and capacity in local supply chains.”

Cherelle Lyons, managing director of NECIT Services, added: “The UK’s offshore wind supply chain has huge potential for further growth, and this is an opportunity to drive a green recovery by ensuring it is a world leader in offshore wind technology.

“This commitment gives companies the opportunity and confidence to make a valuable contribution to future projects and will lead to a further expansion of skills and expertise.”

As well as working in the renewables sector, South Shields-based NECIT Services operates across all major engineering sectors, including oil and gas and power generation across five continents.

It has built an extensive global network involving more than 2,000 independent inspectors, auditors, and expeditors across mechanical, electrical, and protective coatings disciplines. Last month it was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.