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Modus Subsea Services Ltd. (Modus)

Posted on 18 May 2021

Modus Subsea Services Ltd. (Modus)

Modus Subsea Services Ltd. (Modus), a leading independent expert in the provision of seabed intervention, IMR, survey and specialist AUV services, announces the acquisition of two (2) complete, integrated, SPICE AUV systems from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI).  SPICE AUVs represent highly capable systems, delivered by one of the World’s leading OEMs, capable of providing a wide range of autonomous services and data acquisition with high efficiency and quality, down to 3,000m water depth.


“This multi-million-pound investment represents a significant expansion of Modus’ capability and fleet.  SPICE represents a world first AUV with integrated manipulator (robot arm), designed for cable and pipeline inspections as well as more conventional, high quality, high efficiency surveys.  Our strategic relationship with KHI positions us well for growth and cements our leading position in the market” said Nicholas Tompkins, Group CEO.


Building on Modus’ existing fleet of Saab Sabretooth HAUVs, currently the world’s largest such fleet, SPICE is equipped with a fully comprehensive survey suite, capable of enhancement to suit specific Client needs and rapid global mobilisation.  The acquisition of the SPICE systems enables Modus to strengthen its position as a technology innovator and provider of high quality, low cost, integrated services.


For further information and technical details, please contact Graeme Jaques, Modus’ Sales Manager.