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Tees Medical Services Ltd Win National Award

Posted on 18 March 2021

Tees Medical Services Ltd Win National Award

Tees Medical Services Ltd Tees Medical Services Ltd has quickly established itself as a first choice in the provision of medical screening services for organisations large and small. Abdul Shakeel tells us more about the firm, its recent developments and plans for the future.

From its inception in 2017, Tees Medical Services Ltd (TMS) has been focused solely upon providing quality services to its clients, both commercial and private, across a wide range of areas. Initially the services on offer were limited to those which centered around working in hazardous or safety critical environments, but slowly TMS’s services have grown in a number of significant areas to now include specialist OGUK type (approved) medicals, visa medicals for those working and living overseas, vaccinations and blood group examinations for a variety of indicators related to fitness.

TMS’s services are neatly separated into two categories, those with whom commercial clients are associated and its private client base, both of whom are treated with equal importance and priority but with their needs in mind. TMS’s specific focus is being able to respond at short notice to requests for medical screening services for those who are mobilised at short notice to travel and work.

Abdul Shakeel is Managing Director of TMS. He tells more about what makes the firm unique and how it is positioned to differentiate from competitors. “TMS is unique in the sense that it is centrally based in Middlesbrough and within the heart of the Tees Valley region, therefore it is capable of being able to draw upon its practitioners to meet the demands of clients at short notice,” he explains. “TMS is flexible and adapts to client requirements. TMS’s unique selling point is all enquiries are welcome and wherever possible, TMS will seek to meet the needs of those client demands, even if it means referral to competition elsewhere.” Recently, TMS has been working on developing a bespoke piece of software which will be visible and accessible via its website and will be named ‘My Medical’. This software has been designed in order to increase customer satisfaction and accessibility to both booking appointments online and also being able to retrieve, manage and monitor existing records. “TMS has encouraged customer feedback from day one and it is that feedback and new innovations which have prompted and precipitated the development of this software package,” Abdul embellishes. “It is anticipated that the product will go live in January 2021 and will herald a new era in the management and oversight of medical examinations and the data that follows it.”

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on almost every conceivable industry and the medical sector is clearly at its forefront. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, the team at TMS have worked tirelessly with practitioners to develop pre-screening measures designed and introduced to ensure and maintain the safety of all those involved. “Pre-screening starts over the phone at the booking-in stage and continues once the patient has arrived in the form of further temperature checks and questions around the symptoms associated with Covid-19.  The patient is then provided with PPE and is required to wear it throughout the examination itself, as is the practitioner who wears PPE at all times. Those measures have inevitably enhanced the profile of TMS and the confidence of those arriving on site for the medical screening service.”

Despite recent turbulence, Abdul and the team at TMS can see a bright future ahead and have significant plans to help develop the company and move it forward. “Looking ahead, we plan on investment in the website, investment on social media platforms and investment in staff and products – this is key to staying at the forefront of emerging markets,” Abdul comments. “TMS envisages a more efficient, productive and professional service in the coming years. With the investment described already in key areas, TMS has seen year-on-year growth and plans to offer an even greater selection of services in 2021. This includes its management referral system where employers will be able to engage with TMS’s Occupational Health Consultants to establish if their employees suffer from disabilities, which are defined under the Equality Act 2010 and whether that disability requires the employer to make adjustments of one description or another. Fitness to work and disability for physical or mental health related issues is extremely important to our clients and one which TMS is working very hard to address.