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Free Webinar - 18 Mar 2021

Posted on 09 March 2021

Free Webinar - 18 Mar 2021

Understand how to prevent Major Accident Hazards (MAH) with robust cybersecurity

Process plants rely on process control systems that often contain computer controllers, networks and PLCs. Since these systems are vulnerable to cyberattack, a robust cybersecurity defence is essential to process plant safety.

Our free webinar on cybersecurity in process plant safety shows you how to identify potential Major Accident Hazards (MAH), evaluate their consequences and establish barriers to keep your plant safe. You will learn from the experts the importance of assessing cyber risk and ensuring defences are deep and diversified. In addition, this webinar touches upon the IEC62443 group of standards governing process plant cybersecurity.

Join one of DEKRA’s global experts as they explain the most relevant elements of Cybersecurity in Process Plant Safety and respond to your questions on the topic in this 60 minute webinar.

DATE - 18 March 2021 15:00 (GMT)

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