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Excelpoint accelerates growth and hits a milestone of over 500,000 users worldwide

Posted on 30 March 2021

Excelpoint accelerates growth and hits a milestone of over 500,000 users worldwide

North East based tech firm Excelpoint is celebrating achieving over 500,000 users worldwide for its innovative no-code software.

No-code software is becoming a buzz term across the software sector and tech innovator Excelpoint has been deploying no-code solutions now for over 20 years!

Based on Aycliffe Business Park, one of the largest business parks in the UK, Excelpoint enables organisations worldwide and from diverse sectors to take advantage of a digital transformation.

Its team of consultants configure the no-code software into powerful solutions to create automated organisations able to operate efficiently, realise significant cost savings, experience rapid growth and effortlessly adapt to change.

Put simply, Excelpoint replaces inefficient paper and spreadsheet-based processes and eradicates the need to log into multiple disjointed systems.  In doing so, it helps organisations to automate communication; manage the business with a holistic enterprise-wide view of information; provide remote or field-based workers access to entire business operations; support planning and scheduling; deliver accurate and accessible senior management reporting, and create a positive employee and customer experience.

It is not surprising that the world’s leading research and advisory company Gartner has predicted that by 2024, 65% of software development will include no-code or low-code platforms which is fantastic news for Excelpoint.

The no-code technology trend is also allowing non-technical employees to develop software applications in-house. Excelpoint can provide training and support for customers enabling them to self-configure and deploy the software in-house, putting them back in control and enabling them to overcome the disadvantages often associated with bespoke development such as time, money, risk and technical resource.

Throughout the global pandemic, its team has continued to support customers to efficiently and cost-effectively introduce remote working enabling workforces to access central systems and information.

Managing Director Ian Brown said: “We are proud to be part of a sector enabling more efficient ways of working, and one that focuses on both the employee and customer experience.

Our solutions are endless as we can create applications tailored to an organisation’s exact requirements whether that be CRM and opportunity management; customer service; risk management; human resource; scheduling and planning; distribution; change management, and many more. 

We have enjoyed working with SME’s and large corporate organisations from a multitude of sectors.  Many of our SME customers are working with regional funding bodies to obtain financial support towards their digital transformation and are gaining invaluable advice on R&D tax credits for the implementation of innovate software solutions. 

Over the next few months, we expect to continue to grow at a pace.  We are already planning to recruit three new developers and expand our consultancy team, and we are working with providers to offer an apprenticeship opportunity.  There are certainly exciting times ahead for the team at Excelpoint.”

For more information or advice on how your organisation can take advantage of digitalisation, please visit www.excelpoint.co.uk, contact 01325 375930, or email hello@excelpoint.co.uk.