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MAATS Delivers Cable Lay Equipment on CLV Nexans Aurora

Posted on 09 June 2021

MAATS Delivers Cable Lay Equipment on CLV Nexans Aurora

MAATS have completed installation and commissioning of the cable lay equipment supplied to the state-of-the-art cable lay vessel Nexans Aurora which has been delivered to Nexans ahead of its maiden project.

The carousel and cable lay system (CLS) has been designed by MAATS in close consultation with vessel owners Nexans Subsea Operations AS, ship designers Skipsteknisk AS, and shipyard Ulstein Verft AS. It consists of an on-deck, concentric, 10,000Te carousel and two separate firing line deck spread systems one line utilising a capstan lay solution while the other adopts the use of two twin-track 25t Tensioners (each providing four points of contact to the product). The CLS is complemented with a range of heavy duty roller pathways, two loading arms and stern lay wheels, all of which help enable laying in deep water, in harsh conditions and rough weather.

With our years of experience of integrating such systems into the initial design of vessels, MAATS were able to advise and suggest various potential layouts to fulfil the specification of the project, ensuring the cable lay and marine operations onboard function in harmony with each other.

Nexans chose the ground-breaking concentric carousel design as it best suited the deep water lay capabilities and enables the vessel to choose between a single cable load of up to 10,000t, or dual lay capability with up to 5,000t in each basket.

MAATS MD, Lisa Edwards shared her fervour at the delivery of the state of the art vessel. "It is extremely rewarding to see the Nexans Aurora taking her maiden voyage. Our offshore experience has helped us to support the cable laying operators as this sector grows and develops; in particular in deep water areas.
Our engineers have pushed the envelope on design for this system and MAATS will continue to support the Nexans operational team after delivery throughout the life cycle of the vessel.

MAATS designs are known for their reliability thanks to the years of previous engineering experience the designs have been built on.  Bjorn-Oscar Kløvning, Sales Manager at Skipsteknisk AS had this to say about MAATS: "Skipsteknisk appreciate working with MAATS on this project. They have  highly professional staff knowing what cable laying is and knowing their products."

MAATS has enjoyed a close collaborative relationship with Nexans and look forward to continuing to support the service and maintenance of the system as the vessel continues to win and deliver its contracts worldwide.