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Leap29 Awarded an AUG License in Germany

Posted on 28 June 2021

Leap29 Awarded an AUG License in Germany

After years of growth in Germany, this month Leap29 are thrilled to be awarded with an official German AUG license.

Germany is one of the leading countries for cross border trade in Europe and offers a wealth of opportunities for both local and foreign businesses. 

Leap29 have been operating in Germany since 2005 and have developed strong relationships with key clients in the region, which they hope to support further through their newly registered AUG License.

What is an AUG License?

An AUG license, also known as ‘Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz’ which translates to ‘Temporary Employment Act’ is an employment license which ensures contractors in Germany are fully compliant according to the German employment law and tax system.

Leap29 were awarded the license through their office in the Netherlands, Leap29 Nederland B.V. (https://www.leap29.com/contact-us) and are one of the very few businesses to obtain an AUG license outside of Germany. This means, unlike many recruitment and PEO businesses (https://www.leap29.com/solutions/peo-services), they can offer extremely competitive employment support in Germany.     


Business Opportunity in Germany

Germany has a strong dynamic economy, perfectly located in the centre of Europe. They are known for their highly skilled workers across automotive, engineering and service industries, which are all dominant industries within their economy.

Germany is also known for being a prosper location for small to medium size enterprise businesses, also known as ‘Mittelstand’. Whilst the German government welcomes foreign businesses of all sizes to operate within their region.

However, despite the wealth of opportunity, complicated employment laws can often be a put off for foreign businesses. This is where Leap29’s German employment support comes in.

How to employee contractors in Germany?

Through Leap29’s PEO services in Germany (https://www.leap29.com/solutions/peo-services/peo-services-germany)  they can support your expansion into Germany without you needing to establish a legal entity. They support you through the management of your German contractors and employees, including employment contracts, taxes, benefits, insurance, visas and payroll.

Their experienced team have the knowledge to support you with any German employment queries you may have, allowing you to focus on your main business functions.

To find out more about how Leap29 can support you in Germany, contact their team on +44 (0) 1625 537 555 or email enquiries@leap29.com.