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Cable Solutions launch cable assembly solutions for wind and solar farms

Posted on 23 June 2021

Cable Solutions launch cable assembly solutions for wind and solar farms

As one of the leading design and suppliers of topside/subsea cables, connectivity assemblies and top drive service loops, Cable Solutions Worldwide has further developed its range of cable and connectivity products with the introduction of wind farm and solar farm cables, cable loops and complete cable connectivity assemblies. By combining our experience and knowledge of cable design, construction and assembly, we can deliver a wind turbine connectivity solution that encompasses cables, loops, connectors, technical support and managed logistics to ensure quick despatch to worldwide locations. To maximise the quality control and delivery speed of our products, our wind and solar farm cable assemblies are thoroughly tested and client approved prior to despatch.

Cable assemblies for Wind Farms

Cable solutions design and supply the turbine umbilical cables that connect to the subsea network, the flexible power loop cables that attach to the constantly moving turbine motor, and the control and monitoring cables that determine the pitch and direction of the turbine blades. Our product development and testing phase have allowed us to confidently design and supply complete cable connectivity solutions for onshore and offshore wind farms, including the smaller cables for the component area of the nacelle.

Cable assemblies for Solar PV Farms

Cable Solutions has developed photovoltaic cable and solar connector assemblies to interconnect the solar PV panels to the distribution grid. We also offer electrical cables for integration into the solar PV panel manufacture, equipped with suitable connectors. Due to the external usage of solar cables, all cables meet industry standards and regulations and are resistant to UV radiation and extreme environmental temperature fluctuations.

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... “In response to global developments in sustainable green energy, we are excited to offer wind farm and solar farm manufacturers and operators with highly specialised cables, cable loops and cable assemblies. Our engineers work with customers to accurately assess project applications and requirements and generate drawings that provide a complete cable and assembly connectivity plan. With high quality and cost-efficiency in mind at all times, we build the right cable assembly configuration for simple installation and future maintenance.”

John Rickman - General Manager added … “We are very proud to be supplying products that help us achieve renewable green energy now and in the future. From wind and solar energy farms, this green energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the world today, and we are using it to benefit the climate, the environment, and the economy.”