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Pat McKay, Managing Director – TEXO Livestream

Posted on 15 July 2021

Pat McKay, Managing Director – TEXO Livestream

Lessons learned from the last 18 months.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen since the first pandemic lockdown is in how people work and interact. Many of us had to adapt to working from home and getting to grips with digital technologies such as Teams and Zoom and it was no surprise that Zoom saw huge growth from February 2020 onwards. For office-based workers, the transition to new ways of working has been successful overall and it’s looking likely that remote working will continue to play a major role in our work lives.

One of the biggest challenges in the digital world is convincing a workforce to adopt digital solutions. What we saw during the early stages of the pandemic was the speed at which people started to use video collaboration. When the need is apparent, there is a clear willingness to start using digital solutions and to do so without needing to read lengthy user manuals.

The second challenge was the demand on home WiFi connections. “Get off the WiFi, I’m on a Zoom call!” has, most likely, been uttered in most households. Sales of WiFi 4G dongles and use of smartphone hotspots have no doubt increased as people seek alternative WiFi sources.

What’s clear is that the workforce has adapted to digital and been able to address challenges innovatively. This bodes well for when we emerge into a new age of work where digital solutions don’t have to be complex systems that take weeks to learn.

Video streaming-based technologies are now becoming more familiar and, as new network technologies such as 5G become more widespread, video streaming will play a major role in the workplace, and not just for video calls. Use cases for live streaming in business are increasing and we are now seeing live video and technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) playing a greater role in areas such as remote assistance, inspections, audits, and training.

In addition, new camera technologies are starting to emerge that use the same technology we find in Teams and Zoom. True live streaming from small light cameras that can be worn or used as alternatives to CCTV to provide live feeds are now a reality. This opens the door for easier live stream setups for areas such as health and safety, security, lone worker safety and much more.

At TEXO LiveStream we combine our software and hardware solutions to help businesses make remote video streaming part of their way of working. Our live streaming software and mini live stream camera are just part of our journey, and we are constantly working with customers to understand their needs and introduce remote support solutions to address these. If you are interested in finding out more about how livestreaming could streamline your projects, please get in touch on 01224 446600 or email livestream@texo.co.uk.