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Western Union Business Solutions - 2021 Industry Outlook

Posted on 25 January 2021

Western Union Business Solutions - 2021 Industry Outlook

An unprecedented change of pace is occurring across industry sectors as business leaders continue to assess the damage done by Covid-19. Recalibration of risks and opportunities is underway to help ensure financial strategies are robust enough to help businesses not only survive, but thrive in a post pandemic world.

Our strategists have performed a broad analysis of multiple data points for this report, helping form a clear picture of how different sectors are positioned for 2021 and provide guidance on questions such as:

  •  Which sectors have benefited most in 2020?
  • Which are best placed for 2021 should lockdowns persist?
  • Where could we see acceleration post-pandemic, looking 3-5 years ahead?

The study includes data covering equity market value indicators, employment forecasts, COVID-19 lockdown resilience assessments, as well as long-term value-added growth forecasts from our partners at Oxford Economics.

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