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NOF Member Ark Associates Mindfulness Training

Posted on 04 January 2021

NOF Member Ark Associates Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training for NOF Members - contact Alan Ross, ARK Associates
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It turns out that mindfulness training has transferred well to online and working from home since the initial pandemic lockdown in March 2020. Perhaps it’s not surprising, especially for those people working on their own at home, or even in the office, doing long hours in challenging circumstances. Here are some of the options that clients have requested...

Introduction to Mindfulness
o This session would typically be for senior people in your organisation looking to consider how to get started with mindfulness, either personally or in the organisation.
o Agenda would include: a brief background to mindfulness in the workplace; how senior executives can use mindfulness effectively; research findings; simple practices/techniques; pointers to online resources for further information.
o Sessions can be timed to suit your group’s preferences, including breakfast/twilight session.
o A session lasts 60-90 minutes.

Drop in sessions
o These sessions are suitable for anyone in business, either with a curiosity about mindfulness or with their own practice already.
o Clients typically book a series of sessions – for example, fortnightly or monthly. They then invite all employees to attend if they wish, giving joining instructions.
o Each session will contain: an introduction, often with something recent/topical in the news; 2 short practices; online Q&A; pointers to online resources.
o Any number of employees can attend a single session – a recent event attracted 162 delegates from across the UK.
o Sessions last 30-60 minutes

Mindfulness for Innovation (90-120 minutes)
o This exciting, new session has been developed to help those with an interest in innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving.
o Agenda will include: a brief background to mindfulness in the workplace; how mindfulness aids thinking, just as stress can destroy it; trying specific practices in the session; guidance to take away for further practice.
o Sessions preserve strict confidence, with no requirement to share any innovation ideas.
o Sessions last 90-120 minutes.

The Mindful Leader
o This eight week programme was already well-established in the years before lockdown and can now be delivered online for single organisations.
o The sessions of the programme can be weekly or fortnightly at times/dates to suit your business schedules.
o Each Programme can accommodate up to eight delegates
o Draft agenda attached
o The sessions amount to 10-12 hours teaching time. Delegates are expected to make time for light daily “homework” to develop their practice.