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MTE Achieves A60 Fire Rating for New Modular Design

Posted on 13 January 2021

MTE Achieves A60 Fire Rating for New Modular Design

MTE has successfully completed extensive fire testing to validate the fire integrity of the latest design of modular building. The test ran for two hours and confirmed that the system can control the allowable A-classification temperature for 89 minutes and maintain integrity for 120 minutes or more. 

Achieving this standard provides reassurance that MTE’s cost-effective modular buildings will provide excellent protection to people and equipment against cellulosic fires, giving time for a safe evacuation and allowing the control of emergency situations.

Suitable for various industries and applications, MTE’s modular buildings include those for battery storage, switchgear, data storage, transformer enclosures, acoustic enclosures, generator enclosures and packaged equipment.

MTE Operations Director Matt Camp states “MTE has long been an advocate of fire testing products to verify the fire protection characteristics and to do so in a way that matches the exact fabrication methods used during volume manufacturing.”

“There are too many instances of products being tested under ideal conditions or theoretical performance being determined in place of physical evidence. MTE has performed more fire, explosion and thermal performance tests than any other supplier of modular buildings and because of this the company is confident that its products will perform in those critical situations.”