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English-speaking Caribbean Clean Energy Market Briefing

Posted on 07 January 2021

English-speaking Caribbean Clean Energy Market Briefing

A panel of regional experts will brief UK public and private sector entities on the current status of the transition to clean energy across the English speaking Caribbean.

We'll be hearing from:

  • Ray Klien, Head of Investment Banking, Republic Bank
  • Malaika Masson, Senior Regional Energy Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Neha Mukhi, Energy Specialist, The World Bank Group
  • Justin Ram, CEO, Justin Ram Advisory Services; former Director of Economics, Caribbean Development Bank (moderator)


Topics to be covered include:

  • Stage-setter on the current landscape for renewable energy development in the region
  • Update on various countries on progress towards national targets
  • What is the political appetite?
  • How are the multilaterals supporting the market?
  • What are perspectives of private capital?
  • Where are the opportunities? (e.g. energy storage, e-mobility)

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