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NOV wins contract for OHT wind turbine installation vessel new build

Posted on 17 February 2021

NOV wins contract for OHT wind turbine installation vessel new build

NOV to design next-generation offshore wind turbine jack-up vessel with reduced carbon footprint for Norwegian contractor

China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) awarded NOV a contract to design and supply equipment for our GustoMSC™ NG-14000XL-G wind turbine installation jack-up vessel for OHT ASA, a Norwegian heavy transport and installation contractor. In close collaboration with VIND Offshore Installation, a wholly owned subsidiary of OHT, the design is specifically tailored to create a next-generation offshore wind installation unit with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The vessel will incorporate a proprietary GustoMSC heavy lift crane with a maximum lifting height of up to 165 meters above deck. Designed with the future in mind, the jack-up vessel is fully capable of taking on the installation and maintenance requirements of new generation offshore wind turbine generators. The GustoMSC rack and pinion jacking system on board will have a variable speed drive that is uniquely integrated to offer high performance, reliability, and safety for hundreds of moves along the lifespan of the vessel.

In addition, the vessel is designed with an optimal hull shape, battery hybrid solutions, and an electrical control system to reduce emissions by 20% compared with similar sized installation vessels. To further reduce the carbon footprint, the vessel is prepared for the use of fuel cells powered by hydrogen.

“Through this initiative, OHT firmly establishes its position as a leading, fully integrated Transport and Installation (T&I) company for offshore wind. In doing so, we are responding to client concerns about the lack of capable vessel capacity in the booming offshore wind market,” stated OHT Chief Executive Officer Torgeir E. Ramstad.

“Developing this project with OHT and VIND Offshore Installation has been very exciting. Their focus on reducing emissions was inspiring, as well as their bold approach on targeting the upcoming supply shortage foreseen in the offshore wind installation market,” stated GustoMSC

Commercial Director Rutger Baan. “We continue to expand upon and provide our core engineering, manufacturing, and project management expertise as the world expands its energy portfolio to lower-carbon sources and appreciate the opportunity to provide a total integrated package consisting of the design and supply of equipment for this wind turbine installation jack-up vessel.”

CMHI in Jiangsu will construct the vessel and will deliver to OHT in the first half of 2023. To learn more, visit our GustoMSC offshore wind installation web page.