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Manpower Group employment outlook survey Q1 2021

Posted on 04 February 2021

Manpower Group employment outlook survey Q1 2021

In order to assist clients with hiring strategy and to provide market insight the Manpower Group publish a quarterly employment outlook survey.  A key question to 1306 clients across 9 industry sectors and 12 regions of the UK  was “How do you anticipate total employment within your location to change in the three months to the end of March 2021 as compared to the previous quarter”

We are helping key employers in the UK to understand the effects that this may have on their business by supplying our Manpower Employment Outlook Survey and using our additional analysis tools to provide an accurate and up to date picture on the supply and demand trends affecting the skilled workers they want to hire.

In cases where the shortage of skilled workers is so acute that it impacts on a business`s operational capacity or planned growth, our information can be the critical piece to help your business make more timely and successful hiring decisions against other employers competing for the same talent in the local market.

As an NOF member I thought that you may be interested in a copy of our report. Click here

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see if this is something that you would be interested to hear more about. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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