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Lisa Rae joins NECIT as Regional Inspection Manager for the Americas to help support the growth of our services in the region

Posted on 08 February 2021

Lisa Rae joins NECIT as Regional Inspection Manager for the Americas to help support the growth of our services in the region

We sat down with the newest addition to our team, Lisa Rae, to discuss her experiences, what she can bring to NECIT and her excitement in joining a growing family business. To find out even more about Lisa, you can follow her on LinkedIn by clicking this link.

Q1 – Firstly, we are thrilled to have you join the NECIT family, can you start by telling us a bit about your past experience’ in the industry?

“Thank you, I am extremely excited to be joining NECIT and I am looking to hit the ground running. In terms of my past experiences, I have worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 20 years in a variety of different roles from Admin Assistant, Co-ordinator, Business Unit Manager, Operations Director and Manager in both Aberdeen and Houston for a company called MacGregor Energy Services and Global Energy (SCS) Ltd (recently rebranded to GQS UK Ltd). All of these past roles have helped me understand the industry on a deeper level and has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. I am looking forward to transferring this knowledge over to NECIT and help us grow bigger, especially across the Americas”.

Q2 – What can you bring to NECIT from your past experiences and the knowledge you have developed over your 20 years in the industry?

“Throughout my 20 years in the industry I have experience working in both the UK as well as the Americas. This has helped me develop a wealth of knowledge in both the UK and US markets. I aim to transfer this knowledge over to NECIT and help them expand across the USA and become a dominant force in the market for that particular region”.

Q3 – What are your immediate thoughts about joining NECIT from your first week?

“I am so excited to be joining a family run business. The idea of being part of a ‘family’ is something I am very happy about. I want to be an important cog in the team and help this family run business grow as big as possible. My first week has been great, something which stands out for me is the friendliness of my new colleagues. I have previously worked with some of them in past roles in my career, so it is nice to work alongside them again, I already feel a part of the NECIT family”.

Q4 – To finish, what are your hopes for the future for you personally and for NECIT as a company?

“My biggest aim for the future is to successfully grow the NECIT brand and our services in the American market and develop the sales pipeline in the region. I am thrilled to be here at NECIT and I am looking forward to growing alongside this family run business. The future looks bright”.

It was great to sit down with our new Regional Inspection Manager and learn more about her past experiences and thoughts for the future. We would like to thank Lisa for her time to take part in this Q & A and everyone here at NECIT would like to welcome her to the team.