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Good Travel Management appointed as a British Airways Specialist Agent to the Marine and Offshore Sector

Posted on 10 February 2021

Good Travel Management appointed as a British Airways Specialist Agent to the Marine and Offshore Sector

To meet the growing demands of their customers and the developing Marine and Offshore team, as well as new clients in this sector, Good Travel Management (GTM) are strengthening their depth of specialist fares for the Marine and Offshore market by being appointed as a British Airways/IAG Specialist Agent.

Commenting on the new appointment, Kevin Harrison, Managing Director of Good Travel Management said, “This is excellent news for us but more importantly for our customers. As this market has grown considerably over recent years, particularly with our proximity to the Humber with its cluster of wind energy expertise and the associated supply chain, alongside our clients within the fishing and marine sectors, our appointment as a Specialist Agent brings many benefits. In the current climate of severe travel restrictions, this sector has continued to travel and has key worker status. Working in this sector necessitates the need for access to specialist fares specifically set up to support anyone travelling offshore, for crew changes and those working in the supply chain, and brings many added benefits such as flexibility, extra baggage allowance for passengers in Economy class (Euro and World traveller) and little or no cancellation charges. This was vital before Covid-19 but even more important given the instability and nature of world events. Our Pedigree in this sector and background within the wider group in the shipping and logistics sector make this a natural fit for travellers working in these markets.”

Good Travel Management have recently become a partner in the Global Travel Group, Altour, a division of the Travel Leaders Group, and through this also brings many added benefits for customers travelling on British Airways and IAG partners including exclusive partner fares and direct access to full content through all our booking platforms.

Good Travel Management have produced a hub of content to support businesses working and travelling currently in the marine and offshore sector as well as in-depth Covid Resources Hub to support their clients through the complex world of travelling during a global pandemic.

For more information, please contact Good Travel Management via the following means:

E: Sales@good-travel.co.uk 

T: 0330 004 0520