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Forecaster chosen for Japanese offshore project

Posted on 04 February 2021

Forecaster chosen for Japanese offshore project

StormGeo will provide weather services to Akita and Noshiro wind farms.

Kajima Corporation, acting on behalf of the Akita Offshore Wind Corporation, have contracted StormGeo for the provision of weather forecasting services for the first multi-turbine offshore wind farm in Japan.

StormGeo will be providing the Akita and Noshiro wind farm with weather, wave and typhoon forecasting in support of the 20-months offshore construction phase, which started in Akita in mid-January 2021.

Kajima general project manager Koki Taguchi said: "We chose StormGeo because they are one of the most experienced providers of metocean forecasting services for offshore wind, with more than 100 offshore wind projects both in and outside of Europe.

"StormGeo also has Japanese staff located in Japan who will support us locally.

"StormGeo’s deep industry knowledge, long-term experience in the waters surrounding Japan and decade-long experience in typhoon forecasting make StormGeo the ideal weather service provider for the Akita and Noshiro Wind Farm Project."

For StormGeo, this will be the first weather forecasting assignment in coastal waters in Japan.

Its chief operating officer for weather insights at StormGeo Jostein Maelan said: "This project is another important milestone for offshore renewables in StormGeo.

"Building on our many years of experience from both Europe and Taiwan, it is inspiring to be able to contribute to the success and growth of offshore wind in Japan. We very much look forward to working with Kajima."

Forecasting will be delivered from StormGeo’s regional weather center in Dubai, UAE, and typhoon warnings delivered by StormGeo tropical forecasting center in Houston, Texas.

Project management will be provided from Europe, whilst StormGeo staff in Tokyo will assist in adapting the services into Japanese.