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Texo commits to becoming Carbon zero by 2032

Posted on 10 December 2021

Texo commits to becoming Carbon zero by 2032

TEXO, the leading multi-disciplinary company, has announced a commitment to be carbon zero by 2032. The business will introduce a series of initiatives to help drive greener business ambitions over the coming years, all designed to reduce its carbon footprint and to switch to cleaner and greener options across everything from energy use to travel.

Currently working with Carbon Neutral Britain, an initiative that helps individuals and businesses in the UK to make a difference, TEXO has recently undertaken a review of its current carbon usage, to help it plan how and where it can make long-lasting, sustainable changes.

“Working with Carbon Neutral Britain means that we can start offsetting our carbon usage straight away, and become a carbon neutral business,” says TEXO Managing Director Chris Smith. “But we need to go much further than that – our aim is to significantly reduce our impact on the environment by changing the way we do things so that we are having less negative impact and actively building a positive approach.”

The company is currently researching solar panels for its large facility at Port of Blyth, which will enable the site to run on renewable energy sources. It is also introducing electric vehicles into its fleet, particularly for those parts of the business that concentrate on local journeys, and has committed to significant reductions in travel, preferring to conduct meetings and site visits remotely wherever possible.

“Our new Livestream technology is the ideal way to help us meet this particular goal,” comments Chris Smith. “Our clients have already seen the benefits of real-time video and image streaming, which not only reduces the need for travel, but also speeds up the process of maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair. We plan to utilise Livestream to help us maintain our reputation for great service without adding to the world’s travel pollution.”

The company is also increasing its work in renewable energy and other sustainability projects, ensuring that a growing percentage of external work is representative of TEXO’s internal sustainability goals.