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Jonathan Lewin appointed in Global Executive Board

Posted on 06 December 2021

Jonathan Lewin appointed in Global Executive Board

[ Image: Jonathan Lewin ]

Effective December 1, 2021, Jonathan Lewin will join the Global Executive Board of LV Logistics. Jonathan will assume the position of COO. His appointment was announced yesterday on behalf of the Global Executive Board at the UK Board meeting.

Jonathan Lewin has been with LV since 2012 and after many years of successfully running our UK Projects division, was promoted to the role of LV Group Commercial Manager in July 2019. For the past year and a half he has been part of LV’s Covid Management Team dealing with the challenges of the pandemic presented to our business. As of December 1, in addition to Jonathan Lewin, the Global Board consists of Chris Lewin, Mark van Herk, Eric Zoetmulder and Arjan Bos.

Mark van Herk, CEO LV Logistics:

"Jonathan has proven, in recent years within LV Logistics, that he has a lot of great qualities and an enormous amount of dedication. Recently, he helped ensure that our company emerged even stronger from a turbulent period due to Brexit and the worldwide corona pandemic.”

Jonathan Lewin, COO LV Logistics

" I joined the company in December 2012, when LV were moving the UK Projects support activities up to Middlesbrough and I was asked to oversee the day-to-day operations and administrations of our Project activities. Since which time I’ve seen significant growth and diversity across the business. I believe this growth emanates from the knowledge, passion, drive and loyalty of our family members. Combined with our fantastic teams, I have great ambition, drive and determination to further develop and expand LV Logistics into the next century and beyond.”