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Port's Largest Ever Cargo to Help Secure Northumberland’s Roads

Posted on 06 August 2021

Port's Largest Ever Cargo to Help Secure Northumberland’s Roads

The Port of Blyth has handled the largest cargo in its history, an import of rock salt, which will help to treat Northumberland’s roads during the coming winter months.

Arriving from Barcelona following a ten-day journey, the bulk carrier “Pax” discharged 27,869 tonnes of rock salt at the Port’s Battleship Wharf terminal. The material is destined for Northumberland County Council’s Highways depots and will ensure a good level of stocks ahead of the annual gritting season.

Edwin Dick, Harbour Master at Port of Blyth, said: “Welcoming the largest shipment in the Port’s history is a significant milestone and demonstrates the size of cargo that we can accommodate.

“Knowing that this will help to keep the County’s roads safe in the winter is an added bonus and we are pleased to be serving our regional stakeholders in such a positive way.”

Cllr John Riddle, cabinet member for local services at the council said: “We are extremely lucky to have the Port of Blyth in the county, and it is great to know that this huge carrier has brought in one of our key resources for treating roads and footpaths during the winter months.

“This bulk delivery into Blyth has also made for shorter road journeys to our depots in the North, West and South East Northumberland.”

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading Trust Ports, the Port of Blyth is a key gateway for trade across the North of England, as well as acting as a major hub for the offshore energy sector.