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DEKRA: Online Dust Explosion Safety Assessment (DESA) Seminar

Posted on 11 August 2021

DEKRA: Online Dust Explosion Safety Assessment (DESA) Seminar

Online Dust Explosion Safety Assessment (DESA) Seminar

23 Sept 2021, 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

A Quick Guide to own your Dust Explosion Safety Assessment

Dust explosion risks and assessments can be quite technical and complicated, and this seminar is set out to help you navigate the landscape for what it is

We want you to walk away from the seminar knowing what questions to ask when talking to process safety suppliers, then probe and challenge the responses you get back. Being prepared is normally demanded by regulators as they want assurance that the risk and the risk assessment is owned by the company operating the plant, and this seminar is there to help you achieve this.

Join us for this half-day online seminar, in which our experts will cover:

  • Doing a site-based study versus a desktop study
  • Obtaining the necessary data for dust explosion safety assessments
  • Overview of Hazardous Area Classification
  • 10 commandments of good inerting system
  • Ignition assessment with a focus on electrical/mechanical equipment, and static electricity
  • Risk assessment methods – using the right tool for the right job

Seminar Cost: €150 | Register here.

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