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Opportunity for NOF members to showcase their technologies 24/7

Posted on 23 September 2020

Opportunity for NOF members to showcase their technologies 24/7


NOF, the UK energy sector business development organisation, has joined forces with the UK Energy Technology Platform, developed by TechnologyCatalogue.com and Carjon-NRG to help accelerate the UK's energy transition into a net-zero future, whilst making the most of existing assets & expertise.

As part of the collaboration, NOF members will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative technologies to the UK and Global Operators, as well as get support for international business development activities.

“We are very excited to work with NOF. Our alliance with NOF is in line with our goal to help connect technologies to Operators, Developers and End-Users in the Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy sectors and be the catalyst for rapid technology deployment. With NOF’s excellent network and knowledge of the UK & International Energy Market, we will be able to support the industry with the drive to make the most of existing assets whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Together, we can deliver exceptional value to the energy sector at a rapid pace,” said Erik Nijveld, Managing Partner, TechnologyCatalogue.com.

“Our extensive network of members is driven by innovation and continues to develop technology-led solutions, which support effective operations and cost control measures across the energy sectors.  Working with the UK Energy Technology Platform provides our members with a new platform to showcase their capabilities, experience and expertise, which will support the application of technology solutions that will play a part in the supply chain’s role in delivering a low carbon economy,” said Paul Livingstone, Head of Business Development at NOF.

In light of current COVID-19, low oil/gas price and Energy Transition challenges, the need for accelerating effective technology deployment have increased significantly.  The specific challenge many Operators, Developers & End-Users are familiar with is that there are thousands of technologies on the market, but it can be difficult to identify the potential value it can bring to their operations. For most in the energy sector, it can be almost overwhelming and impossible to find what is available quickly. Many may find it challenging to compare and have a clear overview of a technology Pros & Cons and specifications, as well as any relevant track record and reviews from companies that have already used the technology.

The UK Energy Technology Platform makes finding technology for operators & developers in the UK Energy industry as easy as finding a great restaurant or accommodation online, in addition to providing access to effective support services required to get the technology deployed.

The platform will enable NOF Members to:

  • Increase the visibility of emerging, existing & field proven UK Energy Technologies
  • Enhance knowledge sharing among the UK Energy Technology Platform members
  • Facilitate synergies between technologies and clients
  • Provide additional services to help identify and reach the right buyers for their technology

“The online platform is fully aligned with the Oil & Gas Authority, MER-UK & Net-Zero strategy as set out by the Technology Leadership Board and the Oil & Gas UK-led Energy Transition Roadmap 2035. As such, it will support the industry with the drive to make the most of existing assets whilst reducing CO2 emissions. It will also support the UK economy through the export of UK technologies and expertise,” said Colin Black, Managing Director of Carjon-NRG.

Joining the platform is simple and FREE!

Suppliers can add their technologies for FREE, and end-users can access the content for FREE. Sign up for a FREE account and access technology track record and reviews.

To celebrate the launch of the new UK Energy Technology Platform, we offer a discount of 25% on paid services for the first year. Go to uk.energytechnologyplatform.com/pricing click on ‘add your technology’ (top right corner).

Follow the simple steps below and fill out ‘UKETP introduction discount’ in the comment box.

  • Select your preferred options
  • Complete your personal and company details
  • Invite reviewers & experience the benefits
  • We'll draft your page
  • Invite reviewers & experience the benefit