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Optimal enters into Partnership with Cosmo Tech

Posted on 06 October 2020

Optimal enters into Partnership with Cosmo Tech

Strategic Alignment and Partnership Sets Foundation for New Sales and Product/Service Offering Opportunities

Holistic solutions born out of strategic partnerships and successful collaboration – this is what Optimal builds its business model on and are pleased to announce a partnership with French Enterprise Digital Twin Software expert – Cosmo Tech.

Optimal will focus on selling and servicing the Cosmo Tech Solution throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Cosmo Tech has established itself as a global reference in the modeling, simulation and optimisation of industrial systems. With the development of Enterprise Digital Twins, decision makers can virtually test their action plans before implementing them, obtain an optimal, executable strategy to achieve their goals and meet their KPIs, and show every step of this operational plan with total transparency. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors would be reliant on these solutions to unlock hidden value while justifying their decisions with facts.

News points

  • Through the appointment of Optimal, Cosmo Tech expands its presence in Europe, Middle East & Africa, enabling the company to focus on key industries including Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharma, Nuclear, Transport and the Public Sector.
  • Activities between Optimal and Cosmo Tech and the relationship of trust built are the guarantee that we will lead our customers to success. Cosmo Tech recognises that Optimal are experts in the industries they serve and are able to help their customers to solve the challenges that are specific to their business more easily, but also improve their performance and profitability through this partnership.

“Cosmo Tech provides simulation capabilities of unique accuracy that enables managers optimise the performance of asset management activities. This allows for existing maintenance policies to be challenged, alternative strategies tested under operational constraints and provides a means for unified operations and maintenance planning in an integrated framework”, Jan Myburg spokesperson for Optimal said.  “Furthermore, the investment that Cosmo Tech is making in its human capital to ensure it delivers on its product-centered growth strategy is impressive.  We believe that this partnership will greatly enhance our range of asset management solutions and we are ready to enter the market together with Cosmo Tech to deliver solutions that  will ensure our asset owners get the best of both worlds – engineering expertise and access to world class technology.

“Our software is directly responding to the multi-billion-dollar strategic questions that emerge in the most complex industrial systems,” says Michel Morvan, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech. “Descriptive and predictive analytics have already helped companies generate strong returns on investment, but Cosmo Tech’s solutions allow them to go beyond what is now standard practice. Augmented Intelligence, the combination of human and artificial intelligence, is the new frontier of simulation-based predictive analytics and is set to revolutionise the way the biggest decisions are made.”

“We look forward to working closely with Optimal in the target markets to expand our industry focus and align selling efforts,” continues Maxime Le Pendeven, Key Account & Partner Manager at Cosmo Tech. “In an ever evolving context, the Asset Management added value becomes more and more central for all industries we work with. The combination of Optimal Asset Management knowledge and Cosmo Tech Enterprise Digital Twin software allows to help our customers to push optimisation boundaries and achieve their business goals”.


About Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech is a software vendor of Enterprise Digital Twin solutions for industries to simulate and optimise operational efficiency. Cosmo Tech Enterprise digital twin platform is a new class of simulation software that redefines digital twins and AI with forward-looking, action-oriented simulation to solve the most complex industrial problems and lead enterprise decision making.

Decision makers can dynamically test the future impact of any decision, and optimise any action plan before implementing it. They can run unlimited scenarios and obtain optimisations that identify executable strategies to hit their KPIs, ensure the robustness and the resilience of their plan in the face of unexpected event. Leading companies from the energy, manufacturing and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech solutions to understand with total transparency the impact of their decisions, know their best options and implement with confidence.

Founded in 2010, Cosmo Tech is a global reference in the modelling, simulation and optimisation of industrial systems. Its technology and unique modeling language are grounded on decades of academic research. To learn more, please visit www.cosmotech.com


About Optimal

Optimal has a team of engineers specialising in complex Enterprise Asset Data Management solutions and maintenance/materials strategy development. Established in 2015 and headquartered in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Optimal has subsidiaries in South Africa and Tanzania with a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants. Through the depth of experience of its team and carefully selected partners, Optimal has the competencies and experience required to meet the business needs of asset owners from a wide range of industries.

Optimal is fully aware that the rapid pace of technology development is opening up new avenues for measuring and interpreting asset deterioration. Optimal therefore takes pride in its active participation in cutting-edge research to bring together the capabilities of the Cosmo Tech software; robust master and operational data controls; condition measurement technologies and communications technologies in one close-to-life digital twin of your operation; right on your desktop. The intent is rapid and fully informed decision-making, which is a key success factor in the extremely competitive industrial world.

To find out more about Optimal and services on offer, email enquiries@optimal.world or visit www.optimal.world