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ALS and Norsea join forces on wind logistics

Posted on 08 October 2020

ALS and Norsea join forces on wind logistics

We announce the establishment of Elevon, a company solely focused on wind logistics.  Transporting large and delicate structures for wind projects, is a technical exercise demanding focus and dedication. Until now, logistics within the wind industry has not received the attention it deserves, a gap addressed by Elevon. With a strong logistics heritage and resources in place, Elevon’s sole aim is to get more turbines spinning. 

“Big opportunities need a singular focus. The pure-play strategy allows Elevon to anticipate and respond quicker to client needs, attract industry-specific talent, go ‘all-in’ in tailoring operations for wind project delivery, and make very specific investments to support clients in the wind industry.” says CEO of Elevon, Knut Magne Johannessen.  

Elevon is a new venture between Abnormal Load Services (ALS) and NorSea, companies already established within the wind industry. They will combine their strengths in large and complex project logistics and offshore supply logistics. Further in the background, Wallenius Wilhelmsen and the Wilhelmsen group, owners of ALS and NorSea respectively, will provide additional support through global networks, enabling Elevon to punch way above its weight. Elevon will provide project advisory services, logistics management and solutions, as well as technical services to the wind industry.

“We’re excited to introduce the capabilities of Elevon to the wind industry. The  experience and strengths of our owners, ALS and NorSea, paired with the global networks and resources of Wallenius Wilhelmsen and Wilhelmsen, allow us to bring new capabilities and integrated solutions to wind projects –  both onshore and offshore,” says CCO of Elevon, Ian LaPointe. He explains how growth and innovation will continue to shape the wind industry. With an exclusive wind focus, Elevon can respond quicker to industry dynamics and changing market requirements.

Andrew Civil – ALS’ Head of Commercial and Elevon’s Chief Operations Officer adds “We are all really enthusiastic about this new opportunity which enables ALS to enhance the current services we offer our clients in onshore and offshore renewables.

Contacts within ALS will remain the same for clients for the current time. The only thing that will change are the additional services and expertise we can share as Elevon."

In recent years, the wind industry has experienced accelerated growth and rapid improvement and innovation, creating complex challenges but also opportunities for project logistics. In response to this change, the decision was made to establish a dedicated, forward-looking company, focusing only on wind logistics. Elevon was conceived to grow with the developing needs and expectations of the market.

Elevon will draw from the rich capabilities and resources of its heritage to form local collaborations to design and deliver tailored project logistics solutions. Elevon can provide its services globally but is targeting key markets in Europe, US and Asia.  

The leadership team for the new venture was selected from ALS and Norsea Group: Knut Magne Johannessen (Norsea) as CEO, Andrew Civil (ALS, UK) as COO, Ian LaPointe (Norsea) as CCO and Wouter Jacquemyn (ALS, Belgium) as Projects Director. 

For further information please contact the Elevon Team:

Knut Magne Johannessen | CEO |knut.magne.johannessen@elevon.group | +47 92 242 001

Ian LaPointe | CCO | ian.lapointe@elevon.group | +1 506 343 7527 

Andrew Civil | COO | andrew.civil@elevon.group | +44 7714 154688

Wouter Jacquemyn |Projects Director | wouter.jacquemyn@elevon.group |+32 472 82 18 20