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TAQA Morocco digitises its supply chain with DeepStream’s agile technology

Posted on 24 November 2020

TAQA Morocco digitises its supply chain with DeepStream’s agile technology

TAQA Morocco, a subsidiary of the newly integrated TAQA Global and AD Power, has adopted DeepStream’s SaaS technology to digitise their coal procurement operations, moving towards a more efficient and sustainable supply chain future.


● DeepStream Technologies (“DeepStream”) is a collaborative platform for critical business-to-business (“B2B”) data exchanges including industrial tendering, logistics and project execution.

● The cloud-based technology reduces operational costs and spend within an incredibly powerful but user-friendly solution, totally digitising all RFx (request for anything) communications within an auditable and secure application.

● TAQA Morocco will use DeepStream to assure digital transparency during its tenders and materially reduce risk thanks to greater transparency across the supply chain, helping fulfil their sustainable supply chain vision.

The customer journey

TAQA Morocco is the first private producer of electricity in Morocco and a major player in the energy sector in Morocco covering more than 43% of the electricity national production and 19% of the installed capacity.

The challenge

Prior to the adoption of DeepStream, TAQA Morocco was using manual processes for all of coal supplier communications, being either emails & attachments or — in some cases — physical delivery of RFx bid documents from suppliers.

With these processes came a number of operational risks (namely compliance and auditability of communication flows) as well as just being a big trade friction cost in dealing with suppliers with such outdated forms of communication.

However, given the strategic and critical nature of RFx communications, their RFx processes required a flexible platform that did not dictate how TAQA Morocco could communicate with their suppliers. They required an agile, flexible, user-friendly and intuitive digital platform to run all of their supplier communication.

The solution

After entering into a light subscription agreement, TAQA Morocco was able to send out their first RFx transactions within 6 days in a totally remote environment — this lightning fast time-to-value “implementation”, led by the London based Customer Success team at DeepStream, is a testament to the user friendliness of the platform.

Within 4 weeks, TAQA Morocco were increasing their usage, with a number of power users, and had organically onboarded (themselves — this is done in-application) a material number of their suppliers, moving all of the communication (be it structured RFx communication or just more simple chat/ messaging) onto the digital platform. This meant that all communications flows became auditable in real time and the time required (and manual admin required) to liaise with suppliers in the source to award process was cut down by over 200%.

The extra

As a 100% agile company, DeepStream was able to incorporate TAQA Morocco feedback into its product roadmap from day 1. In practice, this meant that within the 8 “releases” (being new software enhancements made to the DeepStream application) occurring within the first 2 months of TAQA Morocco being a DeepStream client (the application is improved with releases on average every 2 weeks), their needs were taken into account with regards to new agile functionality being added to the software.

For example, new Automated Template functionality was released in this period, and enhanced DeepStream Auction functionality is soon to be released having taken into account TAQA Morocco feedback.

Furthermore, in a COVID-19 world where digital collaboration between users in facilitating business transactions has become even more important, TAQA Morocco were able to use the DeepStream communication tools to ensure there was no drop off in ability to effectively engage and award work to its suppliers throughout the pandemic.

Mohamed Berrechid, TAQA Morocco Fuel Procurement Director, commented:

“In 2020, we realised that digitisation of the supply chain has no longer become “optional.” This pandemic has taught us that it’s important to embrace change and keep up with new technology. We looked at many products but most of them used prescriptive software and lacked user-friendliness. The team at DeepStream has been updating their software in response to our needs and improvements in technology (in addition to pre-qualification and reverse auction) consistently showing us that they are customer-centric. We couldn’t have asked for a better digital solution.”

Jack Macfarlane, DeepStream Technologies Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“We are thrilled to be a part of TAQA Morocco’s digital transformation journey, and having them as a client has capped a tremendous 6 months of growth for industrial companies adopting our user friendly digital technology. Poor communication fluidity and outdated software with a terrible user-experience are the enemies of efficient and sustainably compliant industrial supply chains. We have found TAQA Morocco to be incredibly forward looking and pro-digitalisation, which within the current remote working environment is more important than ever to ensure business continues to grow in adverse macro conditions.”

About TAQA

Established in 2005, TAQA is a diversified utilities and energy group headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX: TAQA). TAQA has significant investments in power and water generation, transmission and distribution assets, as well as upstream and midstream oil and gas operations. The company’s assets are in the United Arab Emirates as well as Canada, Ghana, India, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, please visit: www.taqa.com.

About TAQA Morocco (BVC: TQM)

A leading energy player in Africa and the Middle East, TAQA Morocco operates the Jorf Lasfar thermal power plant. The industrial infrastructure of six units total installed capacity of 2,056 megawatts is ranked in the top decile of the most efficient power plants in the world. The company, listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange (CSE: TQM), is part of the TAQA PJSC Group which allows TAQA to position itself as partner of choice for the energy development in the Kingdom of Morocco and Africa.

TAQA Morocco is also committed to CSR, pursuing an active policy for social commitment and sustainable development, including the responsible management of its assets to maintain the highest of environmental and safety standards.

About DeepStream Technologies Ltd (deep.stream)

DeepStream Technologies is a London, UK based software technology company whose mission is to securely and transparently digitise the data exchange processes between businesses in facilitating commercial transactions, where integrity is paramount and collaboration of high value. By developing a highly user-friendly product with the latest software technology available to an underserved enterprise market, DeepStream has now facilitated over US$1bn of industrial tender based transactions globally.