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PD Ports welcomes freeports bidding prospectus

Posted on 17 November 2020

PD Ports welcomes freeports bidding prospectus

PD Ports has today welcomed the launch of the Freeports bidding prospectus - an opportunity set to turbo-charge post-Brexit trade, boosting the economy, creating thousands of jobs and transforming the outlook for socio-economically challenged regions.

As Statutory Harbour Authority for the River Tees, PD Ports is committed to delivering a successful freeport bid that maximises new jobs and investment opportunities throughout the Tees Valley. 

PD Ports’ COO and Vice Chairman, Jerry Hopkinson, says this is a positive step forward and explains why the Tees Valley is a prime location to unlock the full potential of Freeport status.

“As longstanding supporters of the Freeports initiative, we are delighted that the official bidding process is now underway and we will continue to work together with key partners and stakeholders in business, education, our communities, as well as local and national Government to drive this forward and make this a reality for the Tees Valley.

“The River Tees is one of our region’s, and indeed the North of the UK’s, greatest assets, able to handle some of the largest vessels in the world, already offering state-of-the-art port facilities and infrastructure, and having the availability of thousands of acres of strategically located development land.

“As the legal guardians of the river, it is our duty to ensure we manage it safely and effectively whilst enabling it to play its full part in supporting the future growth of our region.

“At PD Ports, we have a proud and proven track record when it comes to delivering private inward investment and creating high quality, sustainable jobs in the Tees Valley. In the last decade, we have attracted over £1billion of private investment, boosted international trade, created 2,600 new jobs and helped secure 22,000 jobs in the wider supply chain.

“The Freeport opportunity is a once in a generation prospect. Building a shared vision that reflects the aspirations of our customers and stakeholders is undoubtedly key to a successful bid. That’s why we have invited key partners and stakeholders to help shape the bid for the Tees Valley at our virtual Freeport forum on 2nd December.

“Freeport status for the River Tees lies at the heart of our plans to drive future economic growth and regeneration, and we very much look forward to continuing to work closely with all our partners to deliver the prosperity our region deserves.”