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Manpower tailored solutions support business growth

Posted on 25 November 2020

Manpower tailored solutions support business growth

With IR35 legislative changes looming, the global pandemic and Brexit,  organisations are faced with arguably the three major employment challenges in memory at the same time .

Despite these challenges Manpower’s stability and future proof staffing solutions have enabled major business growth. Our range of services enable us to support organisations with tailored, flexible supply models and terms to suit individual requirements.

We have seen Permanent hires become more prominent as the pending IR35 legislation meaning that contractors and companies are forced to adapt.

Fixed Term contracts are prevalent in today’s labour market as individual project driven assignments dictate hiring.

As the global leader in staffing provision more clients are trusting Manpower to provide legislatively compliant temporary and contractor payroll services.

If you are facing any of these issues or require any advice or support relating to any of the above, contact Ian Gordon on the numbers below for assistance.

Please feel free to contact our specialist NOF representative for further information:

Ian Gordon        Tel: 07483 360284           Email: ian.gordon@manpower.co.uk                  Linked In url: linkedin.com/in/ian-gordon-54614318