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Scotsbridge Singapore Update

Posted on 14 May 2020

Scotsbridge Singapore Update

A recent study which focused on impacts of C-19 on various sectors but predominately Oil & Gas, highlighted the fact that possibly was this the end of crews flying from Aberdeen to Lagos and Houston to Dubai? Definitely this is not something that can be done presently and as yet we have no known timeline when this maybe possibly.

The majority of global borders are closed, testing & quarantine for arrivals for those that are open will be the same for those that do start to open gradually. Whenever it maybe add in the pressures and strains for companies wanting to operate internationally from its home base. Whatever the ‘New Normal’ maybe it’s going to be challenging.

Scotsbridge however can assist you in looking at other options with emphasis on regionalisation. If you are either already doing works in South East Asia or were aspiring to, so to access other markets and locations, maximizing opportunities that could fill the void created by C-19 we are ideally positioned to help you.

Scotsbridge’s South East Asian HQ is based in Singapore where it manages all of its regional activities for the ASEAN countries.

Though currently travel restrictions are in place we are still very much able to operate effectively. We are in the time zone, we have our country partners in situ, meaning we can still conduct research, analysis and review for our client projects when looking at new opportunities, market routes and entry for clients producing product or delivering specialised services. Indeed, we can assist you find the correct partners regionally that can assist your company regionalise. The advancement of modern data technologies for remote learning and training within your speciality make this possible if you have the drive and ambition to think differently regards how we trade and deliver.

History has shown us that recovery from whatever crisis, will in the majority bounce upwards from east to west. Though globally we are in the holding pattern sectors such as Energy, Construction, Food, Marine & Maritime will start to become active as previously with similar growth percentages as was the case pre C-19. An additional consideration is that many ASEAN nations will gain traction based upon being another reliable option within the supply chain that has been dominated by China.