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Project talks already underway for industrial water specialist only weeks after it enters the UK

Posted on 27 May 2020

Project talks already underway for industrial water specialist only weeks after it enters the UK

Following the recent announcement of its move into the UK market, Europe’s leading industrial water company, Evides Industriewater, is already underway working on extensive proposals for large scale, multi-client sites where multiple companies can connect to a central water and wastewater treatment asset.   

The plug and play offering could slash CAPEX costs by up to 20% for those businesses moving onto newly developed industrial sites where a centralised water treatment plant has already been factored into the original design.  Savings are made, not only from eliminating the cost of mains set up, but also potentially through developers passing on reduced set up costs through the implementation of a centralised treatment plant. 

The Dutch company – which has already carved a reputation as one of Europe’s  leading industrial water companies through innovative approaches to wastewater treatment and industrial water -and which boasts Dow Chemicals in its  successful portfolio – is already in advanced talks with some of the UK’s largest industrial sites only weeks after it announced the formation of a UK office.

Speaking about the developments, Evides UK Business Development Director, Colin Robinson said: “We are very serious about entering the UK market for the long term  and – as part of that –multi-client opportunities are a win-win, providing security and cost savings for both us and our customers.  We are very pleased to be at a stage where we are presenting proposals for some of the UK’s largest industrial areas.”

Already an area of specialism for Evides Industriewater, the benefits for multi-client  plug and play water, wastewater treatment and reuse solutions are vast delivering advantages including:

For Evides Industriewater the concept of the multi-client plug and play water, wastewater and reuse solution has long proved its value with projects including the  centralised demin water plant at Rotterdam, serving 25 different companies including food, fuels, chemicals and pharmaceutical companies and its centralised industrial waste water plant at Vlissingen serving 60 companies including the Total Oil Refinery.

Speaking about the importance and relevance of a multi-client solution, Colin added: “Reliability, efficiency and a constant supply of water is vital to any business and  - by installing the plug and play infrastructure to an area with big industry – companies can easily link up to that, safe in the knowledge they can focus on their core business without the expense or complexity of trying to use public networks that aren’t designed to meet their needs.

"Multi-client solutions are also perfect for new industrial developments attracting businesses who want to lower CAPEX costs, reduce environmental footprints and  secure a guaranteed water supply."    

Evides Industriewater has been operating in Rotterdam since 1968.  The company prides itself on providing an entire water cycle for its industrial clients that improves the efficiency of business processes, reduces environmental impact and significantly reduces operational risk.

Evides Industriewater supplies 100.3 million m³ of process water and purifies 98.8 million m³ of wastewater every year. 

The company boasts clients including BASF, Royal Dutch Shell, Huntsman and AkzoNobel amongst its extensive customer base and – on behalf of these – Evides Industriewater operates 77 wastewater treatment and water reuse plants across Europe.