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Portable ATEX Certified Heating Solution for T4 Classified Hazardous Area

Posted on 14 May 2020

Portable ATEX Certified Heating Solution for T4 Classified Hazardous Area

Heating Explosive Gas Atmospheres

Problem - A multinational semiconductor manufacturing company suffered a catastrophic air conditioning system failure which was impacting severely upon ambient temperatures at multiple locations throughout the facility, including potentially explosive atmospheres.

Thorne & Derrick were challenged to provide a portable heater with sufficient KW output to heat up various rooms but with the strict condition that the surface temperature of the heater did not exceed 135°C. In other words, the client required a heating solution that had a Temperature Class of T4. 

Resource: Learn About Hazardous Areas, Ignition Sources & Temperature Class Ratings.

Solution - Most ATEX electrical heaters are certified T3 or T2 Temperature Class Rating. This means the surface temperature would exceed 200°C or 300°C respectively.

The problem locations were classified as Zone 2 hazardous areas according to the ATEX Directive. A portable heating solution was specified and supplied by Thorne & Derrick, to provide back up and temporary heating in the event of a future failure.

Operational criticality and the Temperature Class Rating demanded a T4 certified electric heater to provide comfort and space heating to the locations without posing explosion risk to the workplace.

The Bulldog MFH manufactured by Exheat and stocked and supplied exclusively by Thorne & Derrick is the only ATEX certified portable heater which meets this strict T4 criteria. Thorne & Derrick have an unrivalled portfolio of ATEX heating solutions and were able to recommend the MFH Bulldog. This was duly accepted by the client who were very grateful to have found a fit for purpose and ATEX compliant solution.

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