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DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety Announces Launch of Organisational Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Programme

Posted on 14 May 2020

Global safety consulting, testing, and advisory firm DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety (DEKRA O&PS), have launched a comprehensive mental fitness coaching programme ‘Building a Mentally Fit and Resilient Organisation’, designed to assist and support organisations lead their teams through times of crisis and ensuing disruption.

The highly qualified team of coaches and consultants at DEKRA O&PS offer services that include cultural change-based safety, on-site and remote coaching and training, occupational health and safety training, risk diagnosis, process safety consulting and testing.  They help high risk process industry clients understand and reduce process safety risks and improve human reliability through fostering a culture of care. The result? Fewer injuries, improved reliability, saved lives, and better businesses.

Offering a programme of support for wellbeing and resilience that enables clients to pinpoint critical gaps and prioritise where to take action, this exciting new service takes the culture of care concept to the next level, by supporting organisations to enhance their leadership and identify and address their teams’ mental, as well as physical, wellbeing and safety.

DEKRA O&PS Vice President Business Development, Mark Walker, comments, “Our Building a Mentally Fit and Resilient Organisation service has been designed as a comprehensive and fully bespoke solution to assist clients through periods of crisis.  From Covid-19, through to a fatally or other major incident, the programme fosters authentic leadership that can guide a team through the crisis, and beyond, to emerge a stronger and more resilient organisation.  It is fundamentally about knowing how to have increased and relevant communication and connection with your teams to gain an awareness of employee perceptions and needs, and then what steps need to be taken to protect the health – both physical and mental - and safety of your employees;  essentially building a culture of care.  That is exactly what our new services does; put very simply, using trained counsellors and coaches and other wellbeing tools, we assess how safe and supported employees feel, analyse the data to identify trends, and then make recommendations to ensure employees and organisations continue to be productive and successful.”

Vice President Consulting, Seb Blair, states “Strengthening leadership skills and attending to mental fitness are the key to enduring disruptions caused during periods of crisis. Fortunately, DEKRA are here to support both leaders and the workforce at large, during these times and in the aftermath.”