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Aberdeen-based Management Consultancy, Doqaru Pivots and Thrives Through Lockdown

Posted on 27 May 2020

Aberdeen-based Management Consultancy, Doqaru Pivots and Thrives Through Lockdown

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has seen a large proportion of UK business struggle to survive. Business leaders have had to act fast to change their strategy. Aberdeen-based management consultancy Doqaru Ltd, led by Sarah Downs and Yekemi Otaru, found a way to do just that. The businesswomen worked to get the business in a more sustainable position within weeks.

Established in 2018, Doqaru were on track for significant growth in 2020 but like most businesses, they were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. All the Doqaru team, who are currently working from home, have signed 6 new clients so far, bringing a 5-figure sum into the business in May.

Yekemi Otaru notes, "We welcome these new projects following a huge investment in DoqaruCon, our first sales development conference held in March. It’s great to see that businesses are still investing in these challenging times".

The event, which saw some 200 delegates and 29 speakers, was affected by FlyBe's demise and the COVID-19 outbreak. Some delegates and speakers were unable to attend the event.

Yekemi Otaru adds, "We haven't been immune to the effects of the current crisis. Some of our clients postponed larger projects and it's uncertain when they will resume. The UK Small Business Support Grants and Loan Schemes has very been helpful. I'm feeling optimistic that we will come out of 2020 as a more resilient business. We've supported other executives to do the same”.

As part of its changing strategy, Doqaru launched a new service to help business leaders get the most from their sales function using data-driven insights.

The business also hosts free weekly online webinars, often partnering with guests. Recent guests include Mark Wright, BBC The Apprentice Winner 2014 and Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner. Mark Wright discusses how his business has survived so far in recent weeks and the changes he had to make in his business.

Claire Fleming, Associate Business Development Director at AKE International attended Mark Wright’s webinar. She said, " “I’ve attended all Doqaru’s lock-down webinars. The relevancy to me of the topics the team has been covering have been on point and I’ve taken so much away from each one. The events have been like an outpost of community, in times like these. It is great to share concerns, solutions and look at the opportunities amid the chaos.”

Other inspiring guests have been Lee Spencer, known as The Rowing Marine, an ex-Royal Marine and Multiple World Record Holder. He spoke about isolation and how to build resilience, a topic that many will resonate with during these challenging times.

Sarah Downs said, “I have learned so much about myself and our team during the lockdown. Our daily virtual tea break and team quizzes have helped us stay connected and check in on each other. It has been inspiring to watch our nation pull together and support each other. I hope that people remember what they’ve learned during this time and that the world is a better place for it”.

For more information please visit https://doqaru.com