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Symetri - Welcome to digital manufacturing – nice of you to join us!

Posted on 10 March 2020

Symetri - Welcome to digital manufacturing – nice of you to join us!

Symetri operates as a third-party advisor to business and department leaders looking to create a robust strategy. Here, sales consultant Laura Chatton reveals how manufacturers can prepare for digital transformation in their sector

The world is becoming an increasingly connected place where instant gratification and communication have become the norm. Devices are becoming smarter, data is moving to the cloud, and sustainability plays an important part in innovation. When you consider the projections on the future global population – ten billion of us on Earth by 2050 – we are facing more demand and more pressure from more people, bringing an increased demand on sustainable energy and the smarter use of existing resources. These constant developments in design and manufacturing methods might mean more competition, but they can also mean more opportunity to lead and disrupt.

Where manufacturing and engineering, or ‘making,’ is concerned, the organisations that have embraced these changes already, did so by reviewing aspects such as the reduction of inventory and spares, implementing additive or flexible manufacturing where possible, or adding automation to their design processes.

It doesn’t stop there; in order to embrace leaner processes, transparent communication and collaboration are required. Design and manufacturing departments need to know more about what the other is tasked with, which is why many of our clients at Symetri have trained staff to become multi-skilled; partially driven by their struggle to find the talent needed to implement new ideas and technologies.

By putting training practice into place ahead of time, the predicted future skills gaps are reduced.

So, how do you start your journey to making better products, selling more and achieving greater profits? You do it with a digital strategy.

While Industry 4.0 might seem years away from your current state and near-impossible to reach, Symetri understands the issues that manufacturers across the globe are facing. We specialise in providing clear-cut, step-by-step solutions to empower businesses wanting to embrace digital technologies and lead from the front. Taking the traditional product lifecycle and introducing more agile product development methods, combined with thorough business process reviews, has resulted in many of the firms we partner with becoming market-leaders in their industries.

With Brexit uncertainty still a hot topic, companies are hesitant to shake things up, but being open to change and improvement has already given many of our clients a head start.

Take Brush Electrical Machines, for example, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of generators above 20MVA. Collaboration and speed of response were the areas that they had identified as needing improvement and partnering with Symetri has enabled them to secure highquality, accurate engineering data access for all global users. Chris Abbott, chief executive of Brush, reports: “Investing in this solution and working together with Symetri provides a single, central source from which to share the required design data across our business. This will enable us to secure even more accurate and timely deliveries to our customers.”

If you’re looking for a fresh pair of eyes and ears in your business discussions, contact Symetri.

Learn more about how Symetri can help your business at: www.symetri.co.uk/product-design-lifecycle or www.autodesk.co.uk/futureofbritishmanufacturing.
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