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Loganair - Urgent & Essential Travel Support For NOF Members

Posted on 27 March 2020

Loganair - Urgent & Essential Travel Support For NOF Members

As we all adapt to minimise our travel to essential trips only, many businesses involved in critical projects, safety, healthcare , defence or delivery of other essential services still need to effectively manage the logistics of getting teams on/off site or indeed for the repatriation home of staff.

As many scheduled routes as well as airports are now going into a period of suspension, Loganair ~ Scotland’s can offer assistance to support your urgent or critical travel requirements with bespoke corporate charter / staff shuttle air services between UK airports with our fleet of 34 , 37 , 48 , 49 or 70 seat aircraft. This may be from principal airports or local airfields with the appropriate capabilities which meet operational and safety requirements.

Our charter team are open and available to discuss prospective route requirements, schedules and commercial details.

NOF Update: Loganair scheduled services (effective 30th March 2020)

Newcastle routes:
Aberdeen suspended until 20th April
Southampton suspended until 20th April
Guernsey suspended until 23rd May
Bergen suspended until 2nd June
Stavanger suspended until 1st June

Aberdeen routes:
Belfast City suspended until 20th April
Birmingham suspended until 20th April
Bristol suspended until 20th April
Manchester operating limited service
Orkney operating limited service
Shetland operating limited service
Norwich operating limited service
Newquay suspended until 30th May
Esbjerg suspended until 1st June
Haugesund suspended until 1st June

For latest information on schedules,information and reservations please visit our website www.loganair.co.uk .

Charter Enquiries:

Please use email link
Or call 01224 920083