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Business healthcare firm creates 20-20 scheme to fund Covid-19 test kits & PPE for essential workers

Posted on 31 March 2020

Business healthcare firm creates 20-20 scheme to fund Covid-19 test kits & PPE for essential workers

North East England-based Recovery4Life has launched a new initiative to provide Covid-19 testing kits and hygiene equipment for essential workers in the health and social care sectors.

R4L works with North East industry to provide drug, alcohol and mental health services, and is an expert in testing, training and treatment for businesses.

It has introduced a 20-20 scheme to help fund the purchase of testing kits, sanitiser products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those working in areas where tests are not offered as a matter of course, such as domiciliary care, food banks and home helps.

The company provides a £220 test, which identifies Covid-19, along with nine other related viruses, to industries such as the energy and chemical sectors, to support business continuity and help key workers to either keep them in work or get back to their jobs.  The tests are provided by an established and reputable diagnostic company recognised by the Department of Health.

It is donating the £20 profit it makes from each test into the scheme and is asking its customers to match fund the donation.

Alternatively, R4L is offering businesses the opportunity to purchase a test at cost price of £200 +VAT and sponsor a test for the same amount.  The sponsored tests will be donated to care home workers, nurses and home helps.

The Gateshead-based company has also, so far, donated £2,500 to buy 1000 packs of hand sanitisers and 50 facemasks, which will be donated to front-line essential staff working with vulnerable people.

John Devitt, CEO of Recovery4Life, said: “This is the time for the business community to come together, protect the economy and support the people and communities that we serve.  For businesses that don’t require testing we would also be delighted to accept contributions to the 20-20 fund.  We’re in this together.”