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New Eco-Friendly Snood Launched To Protect Energy Workers

Posted on 15 June 2020

New Eco-Friendly Snood Launched To Protect Energy Workers

A leading supplier of safety and PPE products is taking an environmentally friendly approach to helping people get back to work safely.

Gibb Safety and Survival has come up with the R Shield Eco Snood, a covering designed for those working in the oil, gas, renewable and marine industries.

The R Shield's filter has been certified by laboratories in Europe, America and Asia as capturing 99.9 per cent of dangerous airborne particles and micro-organisms.

Made from recyclable materials, it has a minimal carbon footprint and the manufacturer is also making a donation is being made to climate causes for each snood it sells.

The covering has a nanofibre within it which is 1000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair. Daniel Howlett-Clarke, the regional sales manager for Gibb Safety and Survival, said: “The benefit of this advanced technology is that the filtration is mechanical, not chemical, so viruses and other pollutants are blocked simply because they cannot fit through the breathable material.”

Download a graphic showing how the snood protects workers here

The R Shield also creates a seal over the nose and face helping to ensure inhaled air passes through the filter. It has a lightweight design, so it is comfortable to wear for long periods and during intense activity.

This design also helps reduce the risks around employees touching their faces or spreading particles while working.

Daniel said practicality was important. “The R Shield can be washed up to 50 times before it needs to be replaced giving it a far longer lifetime than other widely-available single-use snoods. This means that many large employers in the energy sector are looking at it as a sustainable solution to help mitigate Covid-19 exposure across their workforce.”

This is the latest product from Gibb Safety and Survival which manufactures and distributes safety equipment worldwide from its sites in Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen.

The company’s European Sales Manager, Lee Sparkes said: “We have been assisting the offshore industries through this period of uncertainty and decided to source a sustainable face covering to support the mobilisation of clients back to work. Alongside our specialist products and integrated services, the uptake and response to this solution has been encouraging across all industry sectors.”