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Online Robotics Live - ORE Catapult

Posted on 16 January 2020

Online Robotics Live - ORE Catapult

Date: 6th February 2020

Times: 10.00 - 11.30am

The UK leads the world for offshore wind, having more installed capacity in its waters than any other country. As we push towards the UK Government’s target of 30GW by 2030, the imperative is to ensure that UK businesses lead the global export market for offshore wind manufacturing, technologies and services too. This is where robotics come into the picture…

ORE Catapult works with some of the UK’s foremost academic and industry experts in robotics and automation through a multitude of research and innovation projects. The future vision is one where wind farm operations and maintenance require zero human presence offshore. Instead, the focus will be on building a UK workforce in high-growth, high-skilled, high-tech roles onshore.

We believe that the cost, efficiency and safety benefits of robotics offshore will accelerate the world’s transition to cleaner energy. The UK needs to be in the driving seat and bringing these jobs of the future to its shores.

We convene four robotics and renewable energy industry experts to discuss how a heady mix of crawling, climbing and sailing robots, NASA mission planning and global-scale wind operators will achieve this goal.


Todays offshore environment

-          De-risking robotics in offshore environments - what worries, challenges or requirements need to be met?

-          Data analytics challenge - how will our understanding of the offshore environment change? What are the possibilities and challenges of the wealth of data we can expect?

Inspiration for extreme robots in offshore renewables

-          Bringing in experience of extreme robots from other sectors

-          Mission planning challenges: getting the robots to work together

-          Jobs of the future: getting humans and robots to work together

Futurology: scenarios for the next ten, twenty and thirty years

-          Inspections, repairs, maintenance, aerial, subsea, surface? What is possible and what is the long-term vision for offshore wind operations?


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